Girls Volleyball

Liu Emphasizes Cohesiveness, Inclusivity, and Energy

Co-Captain Serena Liu ’19 began playing volleyball competitively on a whim after receiving a recommendation from her physical education teacher in the sixth grade. After falling in love with the atmosphere and the team dynamic of volleyball, Liu — called “Sliu” by her teammates— joined a club team which cemented her love and passion for the sport.

Liu is grateful for her parents’ constant support as she developed a passion for volleyball.

“I started out in club and they would drive me every weekend to games, whether it be in state or out of state, and they would dedicate so much time for my passions. They’ve been so supportive and I appreciate it so much,” said Liu

Growing up in Atlanta, Ga., Liu has been playing volleyball for five years. Liu plays the position of libero, the biggest form of defense positioned in the back row of the court.

Adaeze Izuegbunam ’20 said, “She is one of, if not the best defensive players on the team… She knows how to advise people to help them get better. She is [also] very good at placing the ball and at just getting balls in general. There are balls that I could never in a million years dream of hustling out to go get, but she [somehow manages to] pull them in.”

“Serena just has grit and never gives up. She always tries her absolute hardest. She’s just such a hard worker and such an amazing person,” said Co-Captain Janneke Evans ’18.

As a captain, Liu provides the team with positive energy, encouraging cohesiveness throughout its members.

Liu said, “I try to…get people to be happy that they’re there and get everyone to really try their best and work their hardest out on the court. Also, fostering an atmosphere of being together, being as one, and playing as a team together because we’re a family.”

Ensuring that every member feel welcome to Andover, Liu emphasizes the importance of inclusivity to the team.

Evans wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “She is the backboard [and] rock of the team. She is there to support everyone and isn’t necessarily the most vocal person on the team but when she speaks she captivates everyone’s attention and she’s really good at being supportive of people and saying the right things at the right time.”

Liu hopes to extend the season record of 3-2 this weekend against Choate.