Despite Multiple Injuries, Football Secures Win against Loomis

Post-Graduate Zach Geddes ’18 broke free of a Loomis defender’s tackle and sprinted 16 yards down the field for his second running touchdown of the game, adding to Andover Football’s 27-13 win last Saturday and raising the season record to 2-0.

“We had tremendous performances from both quarterback Zach Geddes, who threw a touchdown and ran for another two, and running-back Will Litton [’19] had a breakout game with a touchdown and countless hard-fought runs,” said Co-Captain Larson Tolo ’18.

Kevin Milkowski ’18 said the entire team contributed to the win on Saturday.

“It was really a team driven win. I think we played well on both sides of the ball. We held them to no points for most of the game, it wasn’t until late that Loomis scored. Our offense was running efficiently,” said Milkowski.

Strong offensive play was also crucial to Andover’s success, according to Co-Captain Adam Cohen ’18.

“On offense we had a really good passing game and rushing game. Our offensive linemen did a really good job in blocking for us, and resulted in a lot of points for us on the board,” said Cohen.

Andover will continue to work on its defensive play, as well as staying fast on the ball, according to Cohen.

Cohen said, “I think we could do a better job of putting pressure on the quarterback in defense. Next week is going to be a better team so we need to be ready for that. We could focus on being more fast paced on both sides of the ball in order to push the pace and get [the opponents] tired. Salisbury is definitely going to be a tough opponent so working on this could be key.”

The team also suffered a number of injuries on Saturday, and will need to focus on healing and adjusting its play, according to Tolo.

Tolo said, “This matchup was definitely an ego boost for our team, as we advance to 2-0 on the season, but unfortunately we lost some key players to injury for this upcoming Saturday. My hope is that the win does not go to our heads and cloud our desire to continue our winning streak. We hope to fill in the vacant spots created by injuries and work to expand each player’s desire to win and versatility.”

The team will face off against Salisbury away on Saturday.

Editor’s Note: Larson Tolo ’18 is a Copy Editor for The Phillipian.