Ultimate Dominates Acton Boxborough

After securing both the Nespul Championship title and the Spirit of the Game Award, Andover faced Acton-Boxborough on Wednesday. The game was an opportunity for the younger and less-experienced players to have extra playing time. After winning the tournament, Andover  defeated Acton-Boxborough Ultimate 15-6, bringing the team’s overall record to 13-9.

Isaiah Lee ’19 said, “Something different that the coaches did [Wednesday] was that we put in some of the guys that didn’t play as much a lot more so that was interesting thing to see on the field… it was interesting to see some of our starter guys and some of the guys who are out on the field a lot how they function on the sideline, making calls and supporting people on the field, and vice versa obviously. Having a team on the field that doesn’t have any seniors or either of our captains, which was a line that our coach put out there, it was interesting to see how we work together to communicate without that sort of leadership we were used to having.”

Against Acton, the team got off to a very quick start and established a lead early on in the game.

Ben Eckman ’19 said, “We started off well getting down to the disc and cutting off any of their offense to get it back and I think that we did really well with movement of the disc and we were able to quickly move it around between players and get into the end zone and score points quickly.”

Commending Eckman and Cam Williams ’18 on their performance, Brandon Barros ’18 said, “Both of them made really good cuts, and Williams communicated well with the rest of the team and showed a lot of hustle.”