Boys Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse Wins Narrow Games Over Pomfret and Brooks

In overtime against Pomfret on Saturday, Colby Gendron ’18 split dodged past his defender and placed a quick shot into the upper right hand corner of the net to score the game winning goal as well as his third goal of the game, bringing Andover Boys Lacrosse’s season record to 5-6. The team’s win was its second overtime victory in the past three games.

On the offensive end, Andover saw strong performances from Cormac Zachar ’18, who put up two goals, as well as Reed Findlay ’18 and Sawyer Moody ’19, who both played a vital role in controlling the attacking end. Eugene Yoon ’18 was also an instrumental part of the Andover’s defense, making key saves that helped to keep up the momentum of the game, according to Christian Powers ’19.

Powers said, “I think our middies especially did well dodging because they couldn’t play us man-to-man that well, so we were able to find success dodging from the sides. Our defense also played well because we were playing a zone defense, and they couldn’t ever really get in the crease without us getting on them, so they weren’t able to score that many goals close to the net.”

Following its game against Pomfret, Andover defeated Brooks 7-5 on Monday.

Powers said, “We didn’t really want to play in overtime again this game, so we really worked on not letting them come back in the fourth quarter and tying up the game.”

One factor that lead to the team’s success was its ability to move the ball effectively on offense and work as a unit. Andover also executed a zone defense instead of man-to-man, which allowed it to stop the Brooks attackers from getting close shots off, according to Gendron.

Gendron said, “One key play of the game that we had was when we successfully executed our offense by drawing the slide and dumping it off to the pop guy. This lead to a big goal for us that propelled us to victory.”

According to Gendron, another important part of the game that impacted Andover’s success was its positive team energy, which allowed the players to work together effectively and ultimately win the game.

Gendron said, “Overall, team chemistry played a huge role in the game as we played zone on defense. This meant that we had to constantly be in sync and work together as a unit. Offensively, we also had to run the offense as a unit and look for the open guy.”

Andover will face off against Choate at home on Saturday.