Softball Wins Three Straight Games

In her first game back from a hip-flexor injury, Colby Bere ’18 shot a ball high over the left-center field fence and swiftly rounded the bases to bring in two runs for Andover Girls Softball’s 7-5 win against BB&N on Saturday. Later that same day, Andover defeated Tabor 8-5.

Andover started out slow in both of its games on Saturday and was not able to gain momentum until later in the game, according to team members.

Brooke Fleming ’20 said, “There seemed to be no flow in either of the games. We didn’t come to play and got off to very slow starts. We didn’t really start playing until the fourth and fifth innings, and rallied back in both games to come out with two wins.”

Kristina Haghdan ’17 added, “The flow was not consistent, since we were losing and then winning. In addition to the fact that we were hitting some innings but not others.”

Once Andover started to connect on key plays in the field and gain solid offensive drives at the plate, it was able to rally back and defeat both of its opponents on Saturday.

Rachel Moore ’19 said, “The team did well getting the hits and making the plays that were needed in order for us to stay in the game. We came back from behind in both games, which showed our resilience. Once we got our momentum going everyone was able to do their job to help the team.”

On Wednesday, Andover beat Phillips Exeter Academy 13-6, propelling its record to 6-1. Andover played a strong game, making crucial plays in the field and having aggressive bats at the plate, according to Emma Slibeck ’20.

Slibeck said, “It was a great game, we were able to start strong and score, and we continued to score throughout the game. We were much more aggressive on the base paths which attributed to the final score being so high.”

Andover will face off against Worcester on Saturday.