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Phillipian Satire: Haverford College Trying Hard to Look Like Extension of Harvard’s Booth

After multiple students report mass confusion near the Harvard booth at this past week’s college fair, allegations are being made against Haverford College, accusing the representatives of falsely advertising their booth.
Students noted that Haverford College, a small liberal arts college located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, had been pulling students from the Harvard line to talk to them about their college.
“I was just standing in line to talk to Harvard, and I noticed that they had extended their booth to two tables this year. The table next to them didn’t have a sign up, but the representative seemed to be from Harvard,” said Jenny Montoya ’18. “Their pamphlets had crimson on them, so it wasn’t until I started reading their ‘Fast Facts’ spread that I realized I had been tricked.
“I felt kind of bad after that, so I took all the materials on the table and the representative’s business card, and got back in the Harvard line.
“Crazy thing is, Haverford looked like a really cool and awesome place. But I have to go to Harvard, don’t I?”