Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis Sweeps Season Opener Against Groton

Co-Captain Sewon Park ’17 and second doubles seed Charlotte Welch ’18, pictured, finished their doubles match with a final tally of 9-7

Third singles seed Katherine Hu ’19 served the ball, shelving a shot to the far right corner of the court. Hu’s performance allowed her to win her first set with a score of 6-3, following it up with a clean set of 6-0. Mirroring Hu’s performance, Andover Tennis swept Groton 9-0 this Wednesday starting their season with a 1-0 record.

In her doubles match with fifth singles seed Lauren Fanning ’19, Hu secured her second victory for the team with a final set score of 8-5.

Fanning said, “I think it was a really strong start for us as a team as Groton is definitely one of the stronger teams in our league. Their whole team had really strong players and I think that our ability to stay focused and be supportive of one another on the court really helped boost our energy on the court.”

Although they faced off against some of Groton’s strongest players, fourth singles seed Co-Captain Sewon Park ’17 and second doubles seed Charlotte Welch ’18 were able to finish their own doubles match with a final tally of 9-7.

Welch said, “Sewon and I had a tough first match but managed to pull it out in the end. Sewon had a really good serve for the win. Given that it was our first match, I was excited about the win despite not playing my best.”

Hu added, “Sewon, our [co-captain], had a competitive match at fourth singles and won that 7-5, 0-6, 7-3. She showed great perseverance and heart.”

First singles seed Co-captain Reagan Posorske ’17 and second singles seed Dariya Zhumashova ’17 also won 9-2 in their doubles matchup.

As well as their showcase in the doubles match, Posorske and Zhumashova dominated on the singles front. Posorske secured both of her matchups with scores of 6-1 and 6-0, respectively, while Zhumashova won her matches 7-5 and 6-4.

After a fantastic start to the season, Andover looks to keep its momentum and hone its skills for its upcoming matchup against St. Paul’s next Wednesday, according to its teammates.

Hu said, “We hope to improve our consistency and power. We are still working out our lineup and we will be practicing.”