The Eighth Page

An Apology from the Editors

Dear Phillipian readership,

This week the Eighth Page published a joke that is offensive and inappropriate. The “240th Admitted Class by the Numbers” graphic undermines the community values that we try to uphold as a newspaper and school. The fact that this graphic made it through multiple levels of editing to publication is unacceptable. We are deeply sorry.

We have removed the image from the online PDF version of the paper. The Eighth Page will not be published in next week’s print issue of The Phillipian; instead, we will use that time to review thoroughly our writing and editing processes.

We created the Eighth Page in an attempt to rise above the lowest-common-denominator joke. We failed at that today. We promise to do better tomorrow.


Rudd Fawcett, President

Cecelia Vieira, Executive Editor

Charlie Mayhew and Connor Devlin, Eighth Page Editors