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Players to Watch: Ultimate’s Brandon Barros ’17

As one of the few Seniors returning to Andover Ultimate, Brandon Barros ’17 has established himself as an influential player after only one season on the team. Barros positively impacts the team on and off of the field and looks to lead the team to success this season.

Although Barros has not been on the team a long time, Aditya Krishnamachar ’17 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Brandon is one of the team’s best cutters. His speed and ability to get open for the disc is one of his strongest assets.”

Barros plays the position of cutter, an individual who typically does a lot of the running downfield. Barros utilizes his speed to run down the disc, in hopes of helping the team score.

Last year, Barros contributed to Andover’s 8-5 record through his skillset as well as his mentality both on and off the field.

Krishnamachar said, “On the field, he is often the first or second cutter to get open. Off it, he’s a positive presence, offering support and is a strong sideline member.”

After graduating nine seniors last year, five rising seniors will have to take up the reigns as leaders. With a young team, Barros will have the opportunity to hone his skills as a leader and a player.

Krishnamachar said, “I think getting his first year, the 2016 season, under his belt was great for him, letting him learn the nuances of the game — so that this year he can focus on playing and leading as well as he can.”

“Brandon, in addition to everyone else on the team, will get better throughout the season as he gets more game time under his belt, and as the team gels and gets comfortable with one another,” Krishnamachar continued.