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Players to Watch: Golf’s John Witt ’18

Hailing from Andover, Mass., John Witt ’18 has the potential to bolster the top of Andover Golf’s lineup this spring.

Last season, Witt was a newcomer to the team and worked his way up the lineup to play the third seed for the team.

In an email to The Phillipian, Captain Alexa Tsay ’17 said, “[Witt] played a crucial role on our team as a strong third seed last year. He had consistent performances throughout the season and won a lot of matches for our team.”

“He will definitely be one of our strongest players this season, and his expertise in the sport will help drive our team once we start playing matches,” said Tsay.

During Spring Vacation, Witt invested time into his golf game in preparation for the upcoming season.

Witt said, “Recently I have been working on my driving and my short game. I was in Florida over break and I spent a couple hours every day working on these aspects. I worked on my putting and chipping extensively.”

Tsay believes that the extra practice will serve to only build upon Witt’s impressive capabilities in the sport.

“He strikes the ball well and has lots of experience as a golfer. His strong mental game definitely plays a role in his impressive golf game. Like any golfer, he will keep improving as he plays more,” said Tsay.

This season, Witt’s main priority is to guide Andover towards victories throughout the season.

“In terms of helping the team, I just want to win as many matches as possible,” said Witt.