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Players to Watch: Girls Water Polo’s Allyson Ty ’18

Allyson Ty ’18 first started playing water polo during her Junior year at Andover. As a member of Andover Girls Swimming, Ty has been able to effectively translate her abilities while racing in the pool to the sport of water polo, making her a key asset for Andover Girls Water Polo.

With two school records for the 100-Yard Backstroke and 100-Yard Breaststroke, Ty is one of the fastest players in the league, which gives her an important advantage over other players. Ty’s speed in the pool may allow for many opportunities for fast breaks and may also make it difficult for her opponents to cover her shots.

Head Coach Daniel O’Shea said, “Ally’s been a player on the rise for the past two seasons. She’s proved herself to be very capable and good at recognizing offensive opportunities. She’s great at turning over the ball and creating scoring plays.”

In her third season with Andover, Ty will have to opportunity to continue to contribute to the team dynamic and act as a leader for her teammates

“This season, I hope to be a supportive teammate in and out of the pool, as well as being someone who the team can always turn to for help,” said Ty. “Water polo is a tough sport but having people there for you, especially a whole team, makes it that much more exciting and enjoyable.”