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Players to Watch: Girls Tennis’s Dariya Zhumashova ’17

Strapped with 15 years of tennis experience, two of which have been at Andover, Dariya Zhumashova ’17 is a seasoned member of Andover Girls Tennis and is poised to play an instrumental role this spring.

After a year of practice and preparation for the season, Zhumashova seeks to be a key contributor during her final year on the team.

Lauren Fanning ’19 said, “What makes Dariya a great player is her strategy and consistency. She has the same amount of effort in every single point she plays, which definitely shows how mentally strong she is. On the court she is really mentally strong, focused, and positive, and that always encourages all of us to play better.”

In addition, Zhumashova’s arsenal of forehands, backhands, and serves make her a lethal competitor in both singles and doubles matches.

Katherine Hu ’19 said, “Dariya is a talented player. Her power, strength, and consistency set her apart from others. She has an aggressive forehand and serve that allows her to put away the point. Besides that, she also has amazing reflexes and volleys at the net, which sets her apart as a doubles player.”

According to her teammates, Zhumashova radiates both an inclusive and optimistic atmosphere, pushing them to play at their highest abilities.

Fanning said, “Off the court she is also really supportive and a fun teammate. Even if she has already finished her matches, she’ll always stay and cheer on everyone else.”

Hu added, “She is super nice, fun to talk to, and laid back. Her time on the team and personality is evident in her strong relations with other team members.”