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Players to Watch: Girls Crew’s Molly Katarincic ’18

When coupled with the difficult course-load of an Upper, Andover Crew’s long practice hours are a significant commitment to say the least.  Molly Katarincic ’18, however, has stepped up to the plate, making her a Player to Watch this season.

Katarincic began her career during her Junior year at Andover in a Novice boat. During Katarincic’s Lower year, she made the jump in the Crew program and began rowing on the first girls boat.

Katarincic said, “Having that time in freshman was beneficial.”

Led by a new girls coach, who led the American Paralympic Four to a silver in Rio, Katarincic has made goals to improve.

Katarincic said, “Personally, my goal for the season is to improve my technique so that I don’t hinder the speed of the boat in any way. As for the team they hope to always win the team trophy at NEIRAS.The team trophy is based off of the overall strength of the program rather than just a singular boat. Having a cohesive team is really important in rowing.”

Katarincic draws inspiration from all of her teammates, especially when the draining practices affect her mentality.

Katarincic said, “Each person comes to practice every day enthusiastic and ready to give all of their effort to make the boats go fast, so it is only fair that I do the same.”

Katarincic’s teammates also believe that she will bring an energetic and skilled presence to each practice this upcoming season.

Iris Zheng ’18 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Molly is the kind of athlete who rolls onto the crew bus speakers in hand ready to get the whole bus singing. She is also one of the strongest rowers on the team and bends the oar perfectly to create the biggest puddles. Whenever you cox her during a piece she immediately focuses in, pushes her legs down faster and drops her splits.”