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Phillipian Humor: Single Teacher Bakes Valentines Cookies for Class

Ms. Olson’s vocabulary lesson included the French words for “spouse” and “to search.”

Smiling as her students filed in the door last Tuesday, local French teacher Ms. Olson surprised her class with pink, heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies, sources in her second period section revealed.

“I think that Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year, no matter where you are in your life!” Olson reportedly said. “You have been such a wonderful class this term, so I decided to bake you all a little something.”

Liza Mirtey ’19, a student in Olson’s class, said, “The gesture was nice, and the cookies were delicious. I can’t imagine how she baked all of them, though — she let every student take like three, and she’s got at least three sections. She must have been up all night! Overall, I love class with Mrs. Olson [sic].”

“Yeah, she totally stayed up making these. She seemed kind of tired during the lesson, and every once in awhile she stepped out, I think to splash cold water on her face,” added Davis Collard ’19.

Sources confirmed that later in the day Ms. Olson was seen asking the mailroom clerk if anyone had left flowers or chocolates. She then proceeded to stare at her mailbox before leaving.