Girls Swimming

Athlete of the Week: Allyson Ty ’18 Holds the 100-Yard Backstroke School Record

Setting the all-time school record in the 100-Yard Backstroke with a time of 56.24, Allyson Ty ’18, a three-year Upper from Andover, has dominated the pool in her time at Andover. According to Ty, her best events are 100-Yard Backstroke and 100-Yard Breaststroke. Ty’s hard work and dedication has placed her in a seat of great respect on the team, according to her coaches and captains.

Head Coach Paul Murphy ’84 said, “Ally is a solid athlete and amazing team member. With a smile on her face, she brings to this team a seriousness of purpose along with a great sense of humor and a confidence that helps absolutely everyone in the pool. Each day, she arrives ready to practice hard and to be a great role model.”

Murphy not only commends Ty’s personality, but also her athletic abilities.

Murphy continued, “To watch her swim is to be amazed at how well she has internalized those parts of swimming that are crucial to a great race: the start, the turns, and the finish. She is a tough competitor who dislikes coming in second place. She will smile after not coming in first, but she will be determined underneath to make sure that does not happen again. We’ve been so lucky to have Ally’s speed, grace, and solid commitment day in and day out. She has lead this team in so many ways in the three seasons that she has been on our team. We all look forward to what other ways she will lead and inspire.”

Ty’s captains also speak with praise regarding her dedication, work ethic, and talent.

Co-Captain Gwyneth Wei ’17 said, “Allyson has always worked hard in and out of the pool. During swim practices, she is always there to push me and our teammates further and never shies away from the tough swim sets. She puts in her best effort for every set and serves as a role model to other swimmers during our lactate sets each Wednesday. She is always open to swimming a wide variety of events, especially when we have some swimmers injured or absent during swim meets.”

Co-Captain Katherine Sweetser ’17 said, “Allyson has been an incredibly dedicated, fun, and reliable member of the team over the years. She is such a strong swimmer and has contributed many points to the team both at our dual meets and at our championship meets. I think the key to her success on the team is the way that she maintains such positive energy at practice and at meets. Her love for the team is evident both in the pool and out.”

According to Ty, she hopes to continue swimming in college. Ty’s work ethic, positive outlook, and significant achievement have earned her the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

Q&A with Ty:

What is your swimming background?

I started swimming when I was about seven years old. I first began because my older brother was swimming, and I really wanted to swim with him, so I joined his club team — ANA Hurricanes in Andover.

What is it like being on the swim team at Andover?

Being on the swim team at Andover is such an amazing opportunity. You’re part of this welcoming and friendly team who understands and loves the same sport that you do. There is always this excitement and fun to look forward to — at every practice and every meet.

What are your hopes for the team concerning the rest of the season?

During our practices lately we have been training extra hard because we have Easterns and New Englands coming up, two really big meets, and we are hoping to all get best times, swim as fast as we can, and just have fun.

How do you best impact the team?

I always try to have a positive attitude for the team and be supportive of my teammates. Cheering my team on at meets and encouraging others to do the same makes swimming that much more fun. I also try to motivate others, especially at practices, to work hard in the sets.

What else do you like to do besides swimming?

I like spending time with my family, as I am a day student. My extended family is pretty big, so visiting is always such a fun experience.

How do you get ready for an important race?

Usually, I try to get a good night sleep before the day of my race. But right before my race, I stretch and swim for some time to warm up my body, and having my teammates encouraging me and hyping me up to swim fast is extremely helpful and motivating.