Girls Hockey

Offensive Athlete of the Week: Kelly McCarthy ’19

Netting three goals in seven games, Kelly McCarthy ’19 is proving to be a huge offensive threat in her first season for Andover Girls Hockey. Playing alongside Meghan Ward ’19 and Captain Kaitlin Hoang ’17 on one of Andover’s offensive lines, McCarthy has helped lead Andover to a current record of 6-2. A new Lower from Duxbury, Mass., McCarthy is known for her strength, fast skating skills, and powerful shot.

Hoang said, “Kelly is such a strong player, and she has a really good sense of where she needs to be on the ice. She’s really good with one-v-one situations, and she supports the puck really well. Kelly is a really important part of our line, because both Meghan and I can always count on her to make the smart plays when the puck goes to her side of the ice.”

Olivia Nolan ’20, a teammate from McCarthy’s hometown, said, “Kelly is one of the top forwards on our team and has made a large impact early on. She uses her strength to out-muscle her opponents, and her shot is extremely accurate. Something special about Kelly is her ability to hype our team up before and during a game. Having been a teammate and good friend of hers before coming to Andover, I can definitely say that her help is a huge game changer, both on and off the ice.”

Due to her offensive prowess and early impact, McCarthy has earned The Phillipian’s Offensive Athlete of the Week.

When and how did you start playing hockey?

I got introduced to the sport when I was five by my older brothers, and we would play in the basement together. I played youth hockey until I was 13 and then started playing for a club team called the Bay State Breakers.

What makes the sport special for you?

What makes the sport special for me is being part of a team and all of the people I have met along the way. Having a group of people who love hockey and are working towards a goal together is a really awesome thing to be a part of.

What was your hockey career like before Andover and how has it changed since you came to Andover?

Before Andover, I played for my public high school team and since coming to Andover the game pace has definitely changed. Most of the games we have been in have been tight and the competition is always very strong. I like playing in such a competitive league with Andover because my teammates and opponents make me a better player. The Andover team is a lot of fun and the supportive team environment is something I am grateful to be a part of.

How does your line work together to score?

Our line moves the puck quickly, which is really helpful against fast and aggressive teams.

How do you feel you best impact the team?

I feel I make an impact on the team by cheering on my teammates on and off the ice.

How would you describe the team atmosphere and spirit?

The team atmosphere is awesome. Everyone feeds off of each other’s energy from the bench, and it is such a great motivator during a game.

What is something you think the team can improve on heading into the remainder of the season?

I think as a team we can focus on always maintaining positive energy throughout the game. I think our support for one another really stands out from other teams, and as funny as it may sound, sometimes the energy we give from the bench can be the difference maker.

What is one of your personal goals for the season?

A personal goal of mine this season is to play smarter and be patient with the puck. Another great part of being on a team is that there is something to learn from each of your teammates. I think in the short amount of time I have been on the team, I have been able to learn a lot, and I look forward to getting better as the season progresses.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a koala.

Favorite thing to do off the ice?

Watch “Grey’s Anatomy.”