Girls Hockey

Head Coach Feature: Martha Fenton ’83

For the past 22 seasons, Head Coach Martha Fenton ’83 has guided Andover Girls Hockey with her immense knowledge and passion for the game of hockey. She has transformed the team into a perennial contender in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference (Nepsac). In the midst of her 23rd season, Fenton currently leads a 6-2 team that finished third at the Patsy K. Odden Invitational Tournament in December.

Fenton came to Andover as a student in 1983, where she was a tri-varsity athlete in field hockey, hockey, and lacrosse. Surrounded by talented teammates and knowledgeable coaches who helped her improve as a player, she developed a particular love for the game of hockey. She continued to play hockey, in addition to field hockey and lacrosse, at Bowdoin College.

After graduating from Bowdoin, she began coaching girls hockey at Phillips Exeter Academy. After a short three years in the program, she left Exeter to begin coaching at Andover. She has since been the Head Coach for both Andover Girls Hockey and Andover Girls Lacrosse, and the Assistant Coach for Andover Field Hockey.

As a coach, Fenton encourages her team to play with cohesion, passion, and a positive attitude.

Emily Batchelor ’19 said, “Coach Fenton is always positive and encouraging. She also urges us to support our teammates and be positive. This helps us as a whole team play with more energy and enthusiasm.”

Fenton’s honesty, discipline, and love for hockey inspire the girls on the team to work harder and achieve more success each time they step out onto the ice.

“Martha’s love for hockey is what makes our team so successful,” said Meghan Ward ’19. “Her devotion to our team and passion for the game of hockey makes everyone on the team feel valued and appreciated.”

Erin Kelley ’19 said, “You can see her love for the game. She shows it in her enthusiasm and care for the team.”

Fenton’s extensive knowledge of the game makes her an effective coach. Her experience, both as a player and a coach, is reflected in the drills she runs during practice and the game plans she prepares each week for the team.

“She creates great drills and workouts that allow us to practice many skills that we use during the games,” said Brooke Keough ’19. “These drills really help prepare us for our games. In games she helps us get ready by outlining the game plan and by getting us excited.”

Fenton also makes a conscious effort to conduct intense practices in order to help each individual on her team grow as an athlete and improve on the ice.

Ward said, “Practices each day are a mix of learning systems as well as playing fun games. Her honesty and desire for us to improve has helped us grow.”

Captain Kaitlin Hoang ’17 said, “Martha is always working us hard, and she pushes every player to reach their potential. Her passion for the game is apparent in every practice plan that she draws out for us the night before. Martha stresses the importance of being fit and always winning our one-on-one battles in our practices and workouts.”

Hoang continued, “Martha really believes in this team and its potential. She always notices if I’m down because of a bad game or a bad shift and she’s always there to make me feel better because of it.”

Under the coaching and mentorship of Fenton, Andover looks to continue its strong season and ultimately secure a playoff spot.