Girls Hockey

Andover Girls Hockey Bounces Back from Loss to Secure Sixth Win of the Season

Charlotte Welch ’18 scored an empty net goal for Andover Girls Hockey after Lawrence Academy pulled its goalie in the remaining minutes of the third period. Combined with Welch’s earlier goal and two from Lilly Feeney ’20, Andover secured a 4-2 win to bounce back from a 3-1 loss to St. Paul’s on Saturday. Andover’s record currently stands at 6-2 on the season.

Matching Lawrence Academy’s speed from the beginning of the game, Andover came out with determination. The team generated a multitude of shots on goal through quick puck movement and smart plays.

Kelly McCarthy ’19 said, “Lawrence came out strong from the drop of the puck but we recognized their speed and matched their intensity. We learned from our mistakes at the St. Paul’s game, and we were ready to play the best we could. And we did.”

With 48 seconds left in the first period, Feeney scored the first goal, setting the tone of the game. Lawrence Academy matched Feeney’s goal in the second period, bringing the score to 1-1.

Andover continued to play hard throughout the second period. Feeney scored another goal to give Andover a 2-1 lead at the end of the second period.

Erin Kelley ’19 said, “The team was very vocal and enthusiastic on the bench which encouraged everyone on the ice to keep going and to do the best they could. I think the team’s energy was definitely much higher than at the St. Paul’s game.”

Welch scored with 9:44 left in the third period. However, Lawrence Academy responded and brought the score to 3-2. Welch went on to score her second goal of the game, an open-netter, to cap-off the game with a 4-2 win.

Captain Kaitlin Hoang ’17 said, “We played very aggressively and made their defense turn over the puck a lot which was awesome. As a whole, the team picked up speed as the game went in, and kept up the energy. Unlike the St. Paul’s game, we didn’t let what the score was get to us as a team, or affect the way we played.”

Last Saturday, Andover fell to St. Paul’s with a 3-1 loss.

The team started the game with high energy and smart plays. Andover maintained puck possession throughout the first period, leading to a rebound shot from Welch to solidify a 1-0 lead.

Hoang said, “We came out with good intensity and speed for the beginning of the game, we competed well for the majority of the game and kept ourselves in a close match. We communicated well with each other off the ice, in the locker rooms, and between periods.”

Despite strong efforts through the second period, St. Paul’s managed to sneak a shot into Andover’s net, tying the game at 1-1 by the end of the second period.

Andover tried to bounce back, but St. Paul’s put two more goals on the scoreboard towards the end of the game. The last goal was scored on an open net after Andover pulled its goalie in hopes of equalizing the score.

Andover looks to use what it has learned from both games as it heads to St. Mark’s on Saturday. Defender Anna Maniaci ’19 said, “As a team we were able to discuss and distinguish problems and things that were going wrong during the game, and also respectfully provided advice to help each other out.”