Boys Basketball

Post-Graduate: James Lewis ’17

Standing at a towering height of 6’ 8”, Post-Graduate (PG) James Lewis ’17 has averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds for Andover Boys Basketball in its past four contests. He began playing basketball at the young age of seven. Lewis’s height suited him well for the position of Center, which he settled into rapidly — steadily improving throughout his career. From the moment the ball was in his hands, Lewis, a passionate and fierce competitor, knew basketball was the right sport for him. As he matured, Lewis’s game developed, establishing him as a Future150 player. 

The recruiting conglomerate, Future150, said, “Lewis is extremely [tall] and uses it to his advantage. He can block shots, as well as rebound the ball in traffic. He looks to be a promising prospect.”

After graduating from East Gaston High School, Lewis made the decision to attend Andover to grow as a student and as an athlete. Lewis has acclimated to his busy life at Andover by dedicating himself to his teammates and the basketball program.

PG Kailan Lee ’17 said, “James is a super good guy. He is very unselfish both on and off the court.”

“The team is undersized and he, thankfully, is a big presence. He is big on the rebounds and is able to score in the post. He also is able to do all the little things like bump the cutters coming through the paint and constantly communicates on both offense and defense,” continued Lee.

Despite a difficult transition from a small hometown to Andover, Lewis has played a dominant role on Andover’s basketball team.

Captain Andrew Reavis ’17 said, “James is very hardworking and brings a great attitude to practice everyday. He is also a very affable kid, which has made him really easy to implement in the team. His sneaky shot blocking and midrange shooting give him an edge over other big men. We always look for him on offense. He is able to generate many opportunities and shots for our team.”

Matt Shea ’18 continued, “Every time James is on the court he gives his all, which sets the tone for everyone else. Off the court, he’s a great kid and leads by example. James knows his strengths and he executes them. He’s a strong presence in the post and uses his height against shorter players. Every possession, he goes strong to the hoop, which also increases the likelihood of him being fouled as well. He leads by example and sets the tone, day in and day out.”

Lewis is also great friends with his teammates and has helped create a positive team chemistry.

“We have a good group of guys on the team. We all encourage each other to try our best at all times and this definitely shows on the court,” said Lewis.

Lewis hopes to continue his progress as an athlete and to make a lasting impact on the Andover program.

Editor’s Note: Matt Shea is an Associate Business Manager for The Phillipian.