Girls Basketball

Post-Graduate: Corina Lindsay ’17

Post-Graduate Corina Lindsay ’17, who scored 13 of Andover Girls Basketball’s 25 points against Worcester Academy in December, brings a high level of experience and dedication to this year’s roster. Inspired by her father and older brother, who both played basketball through high school, Lindsay has played basketball competitively since the second grade.

Before coming to Andover, Lindsay played in the A.A.U. league for seven years, which is known for its high percentage of players who go on to play in college. Lindsay was an impact-player at East Longmeadow High School and was a four-year starter despite several injuries. Lindsay will continue her basketball career in college and play Division-III basketball at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y.

Head Coach Lani Silversides said, “She brings energy and experience to our team. She is a great ball handler and shooter. She has a positive outlook that is contagious as well as her competitiveness and toughness.”

On the court, Lindsay plays point guard. She wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “My job is to essentially start the offense. Not only are you expected to make the first pass to start your offense, you are also looked at to penetrate and score using your ball handling skills. There is also a lot of communication that goes along with this position such as calling the plays for the team.”

Although a new member of the team, Lindsay has stepped up as a leader through her dedication and effort.

Emily Hardy ’20 said, “She always pushes herself and her teammates to be the best we can be, and she is always encouraging others. Even in the simplest of drills, Corina gives 110 percent, and she is always looking to improve her game in any way possible.”

Molly Katarincic ’18 added, “Whenever she is on the floor she gives 100 percent effort, which rubs off on the rest of the team. She is really good at creating scoring opportunities and has great court vision. She executes our plays well, but adds her own twist to keep the other team on their toes.”

Both on and off the court, Lindsay is already a role model for all members of the team.

Claire Brady ’20 said, “Corina is an amazing player with so many strengths and is definitely a role model for the rest of the team. As a [Junior] on the team, she was very welcoming. She is encouraging and positive on the court and also makes an effort to connect with her teammates off the court.”

Antonia Tammaro ’17 said, “Even though I have only been playing with Corina for a few weeks, she is already someone I look to. She is a playmaker, a shooter, and a huge threat to the opposition. She’s a great teammate and person and has already made our team ten times better.”

One of Lindsay’s best attributes as a player is his her ability to perform in high pressure situations.

“She is able to hit big shots when we need her to, and the team can always look to her to step up in the big moments,” said Hardy. “Corina also has terrific on-ball defense, and she is able to come up with steals to give us some extra baskets when the game comes down to the wire.”

Lindsay said, “A goal of mine this basketball season is to really play outside my comfort zone and try new things. I’m lucky to be in a position in which I have committed to play college basketball, so I am really using this time to grow as a player before I start my college basketball career. I would also love to potentially help the team win a league title. I would love to be able to add to the banner in the gym and know that I contributed to the program.”

Coach Silversides said, “Corina has limitless potential that I am excited to continue to watch her grow as an athlete this season and in her future as well.”