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A Closer Look at the Court: Basketball Positions Defined

Andover Guards

The guard is responsible for bringing the ball down the court and distributing the ball to other players. Guards should have the best dribbling and shooting skills on the court. Guards are usually the shortest players on the court.

Post-Graduate (PG) Kailin Lee ’17: “I like playing the point guard position because I love creating shots for my teammates and controlling the tempo of the game.”

PG Corina Lindsay ’17: “There is a lot of pressure that comes with being the point guard. Your job is to essentially start your offense. You’re also expected to score and help your teammates get in the best position to score as well. There is also a lot of communication that goes along with this position such as calling the plays for the team. Also, as the point guard it is really important to set the correct tempo for your offense.”

Dallion Johnson ’20: “As a shooting guard, it is important to score and start the game out on a positive note for the team. I can also handle the ball well, which limits the number of turnovers.”

Captain Emma Kelley ’17: “I either bring the ball up or trail the person who is bringing the ball up. But mainly I shoot and I drive, more so than post up…. I also get the ball to the posts underneath the basket.”

Andover Center

The center is usually the tallest person on the court. Centers should use their height to help them box out, rebound, block shots, and receive passes.

PG James Lewis ’17: “The center gets rebounds, defends, and scores close to the basket. My role on this team is to encourage my teammates, defend, score, and play hard at all times.”

Lewis is Andover’s only center.

Andover Forwards

Forwards are usually the most versatile players on the court. They should have decent dribbling and shooting skills, and they should be aggressive when getting rebounds and driving into the paint for layups and close range shots.

Claire Brady ’20: “Posting up is when you’re near the basket, and you try to make a move to get the ball, and then take the ball to make a layup. It’s usually right under the basket. Posts also set screens, box out, and get rebounds.”

Casey Yarborough ’17: “Posting up is when you find a body and move them. I also focus on getting both offensive and defensive rebounds. I also try to work on short corner and elbow shots. The posts are usually the big people, which is always fun!”

Akshay Mundra ’18: “As a forward I mostly try to rebound, block shots, and get my teammates open by setting picks.”

Jackson Emus ’19: “In the post, just a big job is to get rebounds, protect the rim on defense, and kind of anchor the bottom of the defense. On offense, it’s important to post up, set screens and roll to the hoop, popping out for shots, and pressuring the offensive glass.”

Casey Yarborough ’17 was a new Upper on Andover Girls Basketball last year.