Boys Hockey

Boys Hockey Co-Captain: Jonny Edelson ’17

At the ripe age of two, two-year Senior Co-Captain Jonny Edelson ’17 followed in the footsteps of his older brothers and learned to skate just after learning to walk. Hailing from Chicago, Ill., Edelson is a fast player with a firm shot and is a strong leader both on and off the ice.

Teammate Sam Bird ’18 said, “On the ice, Jonny is an extremely physical player who also has an incredible skill package. He’s a great skater, a good shot, and has very strong puck-handling abilities. He’s a very good goal scorer, and he’s a dynamic playmaker who is also consistently focused in the defensive zone.”

Kevin Kastholm ’17 added, “He is a really strong and physical player. He has a great shot and really plays a solid defensive game. He brings a lot to our team offensively and defensively.”

As a Co-Captain, the center has played a crucial role in helping the players on his team build a strong team dynamic, which has proved to be an important part of the group’s success this season.

Newcomer and linemate Christian Powers ’19 said, “Jonny has helped the other new players and me by being inclusive and making us feel like a part of the team very early on in the season.”

“He’s a competitive player who wants to win and to help his team every game. He leads by example and is a vocal presence both on and off the ice and is someone younger players, like myself, can look up to,” continued Powers.

“As a captain he and [Co-Captain Jack Cusack ’18] have done a fantastic job organizing events, communicating with the team, and bringing us together. Jonny does a great job of getting us ready before games,” added Kastholm.

Edelson’s efforts to include all of his teammates are an important aspect of his role as Co-Captain.

“My goals as a captain are just to lead the team in every way I can. Just lead by example and set a tone for the rest of the guys to follow. Be a guy that the team can rely on and look up to,” said Edelson.

Cusack said, “Jonny contributes both skill and leadership on the ice. Although he is one of our most talented players, he still does a great job leading on and off the ice. Jonny is a pleasure to play with. He is very unselfish and is very skilled.”

After last year’s season record of 9-1-18, Edelson has helped transform the team mentality into one that believes it can win.

Edelson said, “Coming in last year it was awesome. But we did not win many games. It was a fun season but not a successful one. I want to leave this program with a feeling of resurgence and excitement moving forward. My Co-Captain Jack Cusack and I have put a lot of emphasis on changing the culture. I want this to be a winning culture and see this team win for years to come.”

This season, Edelson has particularly high expectations for his team, as the lineup has shown incredible promise thus far. With enough hard work and effort, he hopes that Andover will continue with its positive momentum and ultimately make a run at the playoffs.