Boys Hockey

Athlete of the Week: Kevin Kastholm ’17

Having joined the team as a new Upper, right wing Kevin Kastholm ’17 has established himself as a force to be reckoned with both offensively and defensively. Known for his passing skills, Kastholm is a strong player who uses his body well on the ice, and he plays a vital role in transitioning the puck up into Andover’s offensive third. Kastholm’s combination of athleticism and quick agility have proven to be lethal in Andover’s 4-1 season thus far.

Kastholm has contributed three goals and three assists in five games. He will look to carry his strong play into the upcoming Flood Marr tournament, which takes place this weekend. Kastholm’s key contributions to Andover’s strong start of the season have earned him the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

When did you start playing hockey?

I started playing hockey at about five years old in my hometown of Chicago. I started playing in house leagues outdoors; the moment I picked up a stick I couldn’t put it down.

What do you hope to accomplish this season?

I am hoping that our team is able to make the playoffs and have a great postseason-run. Personally, I am hoping I can do whatever is possible to contribute to our team. Whether it is playing strong defense or scoring goals, I need to perform my role in order to make our team successful.

What’s the best part of Andover Boys Hockey?

I think the best part of the team is the people that I am able to interact with. Everyday, I have the opportunity to get on the ice with 20 other guys that want to win, compete, and enjoy themselves. This relationship that we have makes the long practices, bruises, injuries, and adversity all worthwhile.

How do you get ready for every game?

To get ready for each game I find it important to get a good night’s sleep, hydrate, and get a few good meals throughout the day. I usually get to the rink about two hours before the game and immediately tape my stick and loosen up with stretching. As game time approaches I like to put in earphones and focus. I love listening to country music and just being able to think about what I can do to help our team win the game.

What motivates you to play hockey?

I am motivated to play hockey by myself and my family. Growing up, my father has always been my biggest advocate and critic in the sport and it has really strengthened our connection. Going on [hockey] road trips every weekend as a kid with my father was really a testament to my love of the game and the memories it has created. When I play hockey, I do it for my inherent love of the game, as well as those who have made me fortunate enough to play it.

What do you do on the off seasons to prepare for hockey?

The off-season consists of lots of skill and strength work. Players must be versatile athletes and have a combination of speed, strength, and mental toughness to be successful. As a result, using weights builds player’s legs and upper bodies. Skill work on the ice helps players develop their skating and puck control.

How has this season been different thus far in comparison to other years of hockey?

This season has been different, as we are a much deeper team with more camaraderie. We had an extra week of practice this year and have been able to develop systems in more detail. Our team has created an impenetrable bond, and I believe that will carry us much farther than it did last year.