Andover/Exeter Preview: Football

Although Andover Football holds the historical edge over Phillips Exeter Academy with a record of 72-54-10, the rivalry this year will once again be competitive and closely matched.

Andover has fared better than its rival this season, posting a record of 2-5 compared to Exeter’s 0-7-1. However, anything can happen on one of the biggest stages in prep school sports, and both teams will look to employ shrewd offensive and defensive strategies in order to secure the victory.

Andover’s offense relies greatly on passing and making big plays. However, Andover’s defense will be looking out for Exeter’s quarterback, Jake Smith PEA ’17, who has been a huge asset to the team, especially due to his tendency to scramble.

Head Coach Leon Modeste said, “Our guys are working hard and diligently preparing. Exeter has some explosive players. We will have to contain them, while efficiently running our offense.”

Despite the uncertainty leading up to the game, Andover remains confident in its skills and its home field advantage.

Co-Captain Keegan Cummings ’17 said, “This week in practice we have had a newfound intensity and focus that has been absent recently.”

Coming off of a two-game winning streak, Andover is eager to compete against Exeter.

“We are ready for anything that they throw at us,” continued Cummings.

Andover will conclude the Andover/Exeter competitions at 1:30 p.m this Saturday at Phelps Stadium.