Field Hockey

Field Hockey Coach Feature: Head Coach Kate Dolan

After leading Andover Field Hockey to a record of 31 wins and four losses over the last two years, Head Coach Kate Dolan has kicked off her 25th year of coaching with an impressive record of 5-1.

Coach Dolan boasts not only an impressive amount of coaching experience, but also experience as a collegiate athlete. Dolan played Division-I field hockey for the University of New Hampshire, where she made it all the way to the championship game against Iowa in 1986.

Coach Dolan said, “My collegiate field hockey experience was an incredible privilege – I was around teammates and coaches who competed in the Olympics and were some of the most humble, hardworking individuals I have ever met.”

Coach Dolan’s intimate understanding of the game allows her to give insightful advice and help her players improve on the field.

Emily Batchelor ’19 said, “She knows the game of field hockey so well that she can offer her expertise and advice for exact plays in our games.”

Captain Beth Krikorian ’17 said, “She helps me be a better leader by working with the team. When we check in on where we are at as a team, it is helpful for me to know what every single person is thinking and how they may be feeling, so I can think about what I need to do to help.”

Beyond honing her players’ athletic ability, Coach Dolan emphasizes diligence and Non Sibi. The combination of these two integral values allows her to create a tight-knit team.

Head Coach Kate Dolan played Division-I field hockey at UNH.

“A good team needs individuals who believe and know they are part of something bigger than themselves and who love being together,” said Coach Dolan. “A good team exudes Non Sibi and its team members all work hard for one another, trust and believe in one another and who love being together and who have fun being together.”

Krikorian said, “Kate values hard work and attitude more than anything. It’s not about skill. If you have a good attitude and are a hard worker, she can teach you how to play the game. Those are two qualities that cannot always be taught, which is why she values them. She also values selflessness. The team always comes before the individual. We are always encouraged to check in on each other and we always look out for one another.”

Coach Dolan’s genuine devotion towards improving and caring for the team earns her admiration and respect from her players.

Sarah Rigazio ’18 said, “Kate always tells us after we have a good game that we are just scratching the surface of how great we can be, and Kate’s passion and love for our team just makes all of us want to reach our full potential for her.”

“What I love about Kate is that she is so invested in making PAFH a close and loving team. Everything she does for us is done with love and care which means a lot to me and makes my [Field Hockey] experience all the better,” said Batchelor.

Rigazio added, “She tells us that she would never tell us anything if it didn’t make us better field hockey players. She tells us that we have so much potential, and [we] are working together day by day to try and achieve that potential to the fullest.”

Coach Dolan looks to push the team to its full potential and make the most out of this season.

“We hope to have a team that sticks together, gives their best, and aspires to bring out the best in one another, has fun, and appreciates the experience,” said Coach Dolan.