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Field Hockey Captain Feature: Beth Krikorian ’17

Andover Field Hockey Captain Beth Krikorian ’17 came to Andover with years of field hockey experience under her belt. Her versatile skill set and knowledge of the game enabled her to make the team as a Junior and earn the title of Captain as a Senior.

Throughout her entire career, Krikorian has played as a center midfielder, a position that requires a high level of athleticism and field awareness.

Head Coach Kate Dolan said, “As center mid, you have to be aware of everything and everyone – teammates, opponents, what the situation is, how much time is left, how the game is trending – you have to be able to process a lot of information quickly and effectively and Beth does all that. She has a sense of when to make a short, wellpaced pass and when to make a big hit and get the ball down field for us.”

Another major factor of Krikorian’s position is communication with everyone on the field. Her communication all over the field has been vital to Andover’s undefeated start this season.

Coach Dolan continued, “The position requires that you are constantly communicating, in a calm, confident manner, with all your teammates, whether on offense, defense or in transition, and all of Beth’s teammates have the utmost respect for her abilities in this facet of the game, in addition to her tremendous skills and love for the team.”

Captan Beth Krikorian ’17 is a four-year member of Andover Field Hockey.

Captan Beth Krikorian ’17 is a four-year member of Andover Field Hockey.

“Beth being the center mid [requires her] to communicate to the entire team, as well as play offense and defense,” said Meghan Ward ’19.

Along with her skill, Krikorian plays with intelligence and possesses a high level of knowledge of the game.

Ashley Tucker ’18 said, “She scores a lot of goals [for us], but there are even more times where she sets up a goal or makes a really important play in transition that you might not end up seeing on the score sheet at the end of the game.”

“Beth is not only a very skilled player, she also knows exactly what to do at the right time. Her knowledge of the game helps all of us around her,” said Lauren Overly ’17.

Emily Batchelor ’19 said, “She is always analyzing the game, seeing what we can do next to better our chances.”

Prior to Andover, Krikorian played four years of club field hockey, where she developed her impressive skill set.

“Beth has a ton of field hockey experience – she has played year round for years and she always brings that experience, knowledge and her outstanding skill set to every practice and every game,” said Coach Dolan.

Krikorian looks up to her former captain, Kelly McCarthy ’16. Although she was a sweeper, McCarthy possessed great traits and skills that Krikorian has modeled her game after.

“Although we didn’t play the same position, I admire her communication skills, supportiveness, energy and overall love for the game,” said Krikorian.

Krikorian displays leadership and is committed to each of her teammates, and this attitude has been adopted by the entire team.

“Our team this year is very strong. We all are very close and supportive of each other. This is in large part due to [Krikorian’s] leadership,” said Batchelor.

“Beth and her fellow Seniors share a deep and abiding passion for PAFH and what they have been a part of and what they want their teammates to be a part of this year. They work hard to honor past traditions and to leave a legacy that will be unique and all their own as well,” said Coach Dolan.

Krikorian has already played an instrumental role this year, helping the team on both the offensive and defensive ends. Out of Andover’s 15 goals this season, Krikorian has scored three and assisted on seven.

In her final season, Krikorian looks to keep Andover’s undefeated record alive in the hopes of winning another Nepsac A title.