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Late Game Success Extends Win Streak to Four

With the score deadlocked at 1-1 in the third inning against BB&N, Andover Softball exploded on offense to pile ten runs into one inning. The lopsided scoreline held until the end of the game to give Andover the 11-1 win.

After defeating BB&N, Andover went on to topple Tabor Academy 10-4 on Saturday. On Wednesday, Andover played Exeter and won 11-1 to bring the team’s record to 8-2.

Against BB&N, Andover’s offensive breakthrough in the third inning consisted of ten runs off of seven hits and four walks. At the same time, however, Andover maintained a strong defensive game. Pitcher and Co-Captain Kristina Haghdan ’17 successfully adapted her game to lead Andover’s defensive effort.

Catcher Ali Nunes ’17 said, “Against BB&N, one of our biggest strengths was our ability to adapt to different situations. The umpire initially had a very small strike zone, stopping Kristina from throwing anything more than fastballs in the first and second inning.”

Nunes continued, “However, we are a defensively strong team and were able to make the out. This allowed our pitcher to focus on finding her rhythm with the umpire’s strike zone with the knowledge that our defense would be able to field any hits and make the outs.”

Against both BB&N and Tabor, Andover started slow offensively, but eventually adjusted to come out on top.

Sidney Holder ’17 said, “In both games we had trouble adjusting, especially to the pitchers on the other teams. We eventually figured out how to hit while up at the plate, but both pitchers brought skills to the game which we weren’t used to, so we had a hard time being successful at the beginning of both games.”

Against Tabor, Andover played another offensively dominated game. Co-Captain Victoria Bergeron ’16 had two hits for 4 RBIs, and Antonia Tammarro had 2 RBIs.

Nunes said, “We were tested defensively after making some errors throughout the game. The team was really able to support one another by backing up plays and staying strong offensively, reducing the impact of any errors made defensively.”

“Each and every player on the team adapted to the conditions and worked together, and we won the game because of it,” added Nunes.

Against Exeter on Wednesday, Andover dominated the game 11-1, ending the game after five innings due to the mercy rule. Haghdan pitched all five innings, while Andover played another strong offensive game. Most notably, Colby Beré ’18 hit a three run home run, Holder and Hillary Dole ’17 both hit a triple, and Bergeron had three hits for 4 RBIs.

Andover’s defense, led by Haghdan on the mound, was also crucial to the team’s victory.

Bergeron said, “Defensively, we were not really tested because Kristina had a great performance pitching. They had a few ground balls to the right side of the infield and none to the left side. There was one hit, a bunt for a base hit. Kristina really shut them out.”

Bergeron added, “Andover/Exeter games are always big and always important, and we played like the good team that we are.”

Andover will take on Worcester Academy at home on Saturday.