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B2 Clinches 0.8 Second Victory

Sprinting at a whopping 39 strokes per minute coming down the last 500 meters of its home course, Andover Boys Crew’s B1 glided past Boston College High School (BC High) to claim first place with a time of 4:43 minutes, edging out the rival boat by a margin of only one second on Saturday. Andover’s B1 boat also bested Hingham High by a margin of 12 seconds.

Andover came in hungry for a win this weekend, as the team’s rough results from the past two weekends provided it with great motivation for the past week of training and the race against the traditionally strong B.C. High and Hingham High.    

B1 rower Will Humphrey ’16 said, “This race was a huge confidence boost for us. We held off a major move from B.C. High in the last 40 strokes to win it, maintaining our composure and grinding it out till the end.”    

The B2 boat had similarly remarkable results, as it rowed to a nail-biting 0.8 second win against B.C. High and a blowout win of 7.5 seconds against Hingham.  Moreover, the conditions of the race weren’t perfect either, as the boat experienced an unexpected wake from a spectator boat during the last few hundred meters.

B2 rower Nate Cruz ’18 said, “During the race, all that was running through our heads was: more, more, more, more. Give it more! There was a party boat throwing a wake towards our boat at the end of the race, but we powered through it. Because the race was so close, we actually didn’t know if we had won or lost until we got back to the dock, and when we found out, we almost collapsed with joy. It was a truly extraordinary moment.”    

B2 rower Thomas Glover ’18 said, “During the first 1,000 meters, we felt really good rowing together. Our set was near to perfect, and it was definitely our best race so far as a boat. To ensure success for our next race, we will most likely be working on the sprinting portion of our races, as it has sometimes caused our boat trouble in the past.”    

Andover now looks to develop a new strategy for its race against St. Paul’s on Saturday.

Humphrey said, “This week we’re focusing on developing a new race plan that grants us a much more aggressive middle 500 meters. Hopefully we see the fruits of that strategy on Saturday against a very fast St. Paul’s crew.”