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Captain Feature: Payton Jancsy ’16

A three-year member of Andover Baseball from Marblehead, Mass., Co-Captain Payton Jancsy ’16 has led Andover to a successful 6-2 start to the season. Next year, Jancsy will continue his baseball career and bring his leadership skills to the Midwest at the University of Chicago.

Jancsy has been playing all across America since a young age and has many years of experience under his belt.

Jancsy said, “I have been playing baseball since I was five. It started out with T-ball and eventually I worked my way up to play for a summer team that played all over the country, from Florida to North Carolina, even out to Indiana.”

As a Co-Captain, Jancsy emulates the leadership skills of previous teammates.

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Kevin Graber wrote, “Payton has learned from the older players before him to be the hardest worker at practice; provide a spark of energy and enthusiasm; model mental toughness; connect with teammates; compliment teammates; challenge teammates; support teammates; constructively confront negativity, pessimism, and laziness; and remind everyone how today’s work leads to tomorrow’s success.”

Every time his cleats touch the field, Jancsy tries his best to be a role model for all of his teammates, young and old.

Post-graduate Richie Ciufo ’16 said, “Payton’s a great captain, because it doesn’t matter how he’s individually doing in a game, he’s always cheering on the next guy to pull through.”

“I try and lead by example,” said Jancsy. “When I show up to the field each day, I try to bring a certain level of energy with me. KG expects us to play with enthusiasm, and I have found that, during my time on the team, it is a lot easier to be enthusiastic when your teammates are also providing some energy.”

Along with Co-Captain John Simourian ’16, Jancsy strives to set an example for his teammates off the field as well. Being an engaged and positive member of Andover’s community contributes to Jancsy’s leadership skills.

Jancsy’s success as a Co-Captain derives from his recognition of the responsibilities of his position.

Coach Graber said, “Payton’s a great captain because he understands that leadership is about relationships. He invests the time to build and strengthen the relationships he has with each of his teammates. He asks about their day, their challenges, and their goals. Payton makes a special and ongoing effort to get to know everyone on the team, not just friends and classmates.”

Jancsy aims to achieve success in his final year wearing an Andover jersey.

Jancsy said, “After missing most of last year with an injury, my goal this year is to stay healthy and contribute. During my lower year, I found a lot of success at the plate and I hope to repeat that success this spring.

Along with his personal objectives, Jancsy is especially focused on the team’s overall record.

“We want to bring the championship trophy back to Andover, where it belongs. However, to achieve that goal we need to show up to work each day at practice. KG always reminds us that if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves and that is how we look at the rest of the season,” said Jancsy.

Jancsy will lead the team into its double header against Northfield Mount Hermon this weekend.