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Softball Coach Feature: Peter Drench

Returning from a perfect season and a Big East Championship in 2015, Head Coach Peter Drench is back for his 28th year with Andover Softball.

Coach Drench’s many years of experience help him create a culture of respect on the team and closeness between players.

“The dedication and heart that Mr. Drench puts forth for our team is unmatched by any coach I’ve ever played for. I admire him a lot. I am motivated to play hard in every game and practice, [in order] to make him proud and give back to him for everything that he has done for the team,” Co-Captain Victoria Bergeron ’16 wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

Co-Captain Kristina Haghdan ’17 said, “I think Coach Drench stands out because he has a really good understanding of what it is like to be a student-athlete. He trusts our judgment in priority level when it comes down to either softball or schoolwork. He also offers a lot of wisdom regarding life if someone on the team is troubled, both short term and long term.”

Whether during an intense game or a relaxed practice, Coach Drench knows how to maintain the team’s enthusiasm.

Post-Graduate Erin Gallo ’16 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Coach Drench is very optimistic. Despite several cases of injury and illness on the team, he has assured all of us that with focus, we can still have a successful season. His calm take on things really helps our mentality and makes us feel like we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to work hard and improve. This approach is what makes him a good leader and therefore, a good coach.”

Colby Bere ’18 said, “[Coach Drench] is really passionate about softball which gives him the drive to help us in any way he can. Personally, whenever I make a mistake in the field or [while I’m] hitting, it is hard for me to forget about it. [He] always reminds me to flush [these thoughts] out of my head and move on.”

Coach Drench encourages his players to improve both as individuals and as teammates.

“Coach Drench stands out from other coaches in that he not only emphasizes the importance of the team as a whole, but he also focuses on each of us individually. He makes it clear that each of us [has] our own role and we all know what we need to do as individuals in order to make the team better,” said Gallo.

Although Coach Drench possesses an exceptional reputation as a coach, he humbly credits a lot of his success to his players and assistant coaches.

Coach Drench said, “Assistant coaches Lindsay Maroney and Bruce Bacon have done superb jobs in small-group instruction during practices, and we’ve benefited from occasional help provided by former player Sarah Onorato ’11 and former coach Doug Kuhlmann.

He continued, “We have an experienced group of seniors who understand their roles and reach out to help their younger teammates. The new additions have made an immediate impact on and off the field. Our resilience has already been seriously tested and this team looks capable of sticking together through the ups and downs that come with every season.”