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Softball Captain Feature: Victoria Bergeron ’16

A two-time Big East Tournament Champion and a four-year member of Andover Girls Softball, Co-Captain Victoria Bergeron ’16 will look to lead her team to a second consecutive undefeated season.

Bergeron is a big advocate for an inclusive team dynamic. She has made it one of her main goals to keep the team’s morale high and ensure that all teammates feel a part of the group. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed by the coaching staff.

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Peter Drench wrote, “She has become more aware of the varied personalities that make up a team, and the challenges of leading teammates who may be very different from each other in age, ability, confidence and ways of communicating. Being an effective team captain and not just a figurehead is more challenging than most people realize. Victoria cares deeply about being a genuine leader and she has worked hard to develop the skills that will help her reach that goal.”

Her teammates are also well aware of the work she has put in to make the team one unit.

Sarah Carmichael ’18 said, “She’s great with communication both on and off the field, and is willing to go out of her way to help a teammate. Victoria is very outgoing and is welcoming to all the new players. I think her personality and leadership skills draw people to her, and it helps new players feel more comfortable.”

Fellow Co-Captain Kristina Haghdan ’17 said, “She makes sure that there aren’t any barriers among the team. She also makes sure that everyone on the roster knows that they are vital to the team. We complement each other by approaching different roles to keep the team motivated and cohesive.”

“She brings enthusiasm on the bench and on the field. She always lifts the mood to have fun, while playing competitively,” continued Haghdan.

With this softball season being the last of her Andover career, Bergeron only wants the best for her team.

“I think that if everyone gives one hundred percent in every game, we will finish the season as a winning team. I think we have all the talent and the potential to be a very successful team this season. It’s just going to be a matter of putting that all together, and everyone working and playing hard every inning,” said Bergeron.

Nonetheless, Bergeron also has some personal goals that she desires to achieve before her time on the team comes to an end.

Bergeron said, “I’m trying to get the most out of this season in terms of having a good time with my teammates, and also, finish strong with my own performance.”