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Features: Hit Lawn Games of Spring 2016

Inspired by the art of Snapchat streaks, the game is based on who can keep a streak the longest without having a mental breakdown or finding the other person’s snapchats annoying. It’s outrageous fun!

Firstly, the player who has the most streaks is the winner. The winner of the game is awarded public recognition, mad street cred, and enough buzzing from the snapchats you get that you’ll want to smash your phone. Streaks can be with anyone, from that kid in your class you don’t really know to people you are in arguments with. The more people that streak, the merrier. The uglier the picture, the more it counts.

Streaking is a parent-approved, N.S.A.-appropriate, and F.DA-approved game. It can also be rooted back to its origins ;). Streaking is super fun, and a better replacement than running around in your birthday suit.

Spin-the-bottle has become a popular lawn game at Andover. Participants sit in a circle meticulously measured to fit Harkness proportions, ensuring complete equality among all students. To begin the game, one student places a bottle in the center of the circle and spins it with stunning conviction.

Once the bottle lands, the two students lock eyes with indescribable passion. Coy glances are exchanged between the parties, and the rest of the group looks on with piqued interest. As the suspense reaches an exhilarating climax, the students finally reveal their preferred (P)GPAs, while continuing their intense eye contact.
Hoots and hollers from the bystanders echo all the way across campus, and the players share a shy smile.

You are crunched under a bushel of spring time leaves clutching binoculars, with dirt smudged over your entire body and a dead racoon wrapped around your head. It is spring on the Great Lawn, and you are on “Bae-watch.”

When you spot your prey, whether it may be that football PG, that teaching fellow or that Junior boy who loves math, your senses begin to tingle and your raccoon’s heart beats one more time.

Bae-watch, a popular lawn game this spring, allows students to stalk and develop deep relationships with their potential lovers whilst lawning. Faculty have been urging students to enhance their empathy and balance skills. Bae-watch embodies both ideals.
In order to participate, you only need a Bae, and an element of disguise that will help you blend in on the great lawn; the recycling club asks you to choose dead animals or spoiled food from Paresky instead of plastic items… although you might need some rubber if your Bae-watch is successful.