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Golf Coach Feature: Chris Odden

With over ten years of experience coaching Andover Golf, Co-Head Coach Chris Odden has been through thick and thin with the team and looks forward to coaching Andover’s arsenal of golfers again this season.

Odden himself did not pick up a club until well into his adult years, when he decided to try the sport with his wife, Caroline Odden, Instructor in Physics and Assistant Coach. Since then, he has nurtured his love for the game by coaching and playing regularly.

As a result of his past experience with golfing at Andover, Coach Odden knows the golf courses near the school inside out, and has an eye for flaws in his players’ swings.

Cameron Kerry ’16 wrote in an e-mail to The Phillipian, “Coach Odden always takes his craft seriously, rigorously pursuing ways to improve the skills of members of our team. In the past, he has worked with me on swing path and has really done wonders for my swing.”

Co-Captain Pranav Tadikonda ’16 said, “Coach Odden is a devout short-game enthusiast, always willing to give players little tips before a round that go a long way in a match or in improving one’s game. He’s a super calming presence on the course, and always makes you feel at ease whenever he’s watching you play.”

Although he may take the sport very seriously, Coach Odden knows how to set a light atmosphere that makes the entire team comfortable.

Peter Hahn ’16, Co-Captain of the golf team said, “He’s also a really funny guy. I don’t think he gets nearly enough credit for being as funny as he is. This is obviously great for the team, and makes some newcomers loosen up about being in a new environment.”

Odden has a habit of providing key pointers during practices and right before matches.

“Coach Odden is a super knowledgable guy in general, but it really shows during golf practices. A lot of times, he’ll talk enthusiastically about a golf tip he learned from a book and share it with all of us. This isn’t to say that the other coaches aren’t knowledgeable about the game, but Coach Odden definitely stands out in that regard,” continued Hahn.

Co-Head Coach Brian Faulk ’00 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “I think we complement one another well. Coach Odden knows much more about how to coach golf than I do and is much more knowledgeable about the swing. He is also often the voice of reason when I get too emotional coaching!”

Although Coach Odden and Coach Faulk had contrasting teaching tactics, they both had similar objectives in what they wanted in their golfers, which made them fit well together from the start.

Coach Faulk said, “I think we [also] share the same overall goals as coaches – good citizenship and academics for all of our players.”
With a strong lineup of golfers this year, Coach Odden is dedicated to helping Andover thrive this season.