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Golf Coach Feature: Brian Faulk ’00

Having played four years of golf at Andover when he was a student, Head Coach Brian Faulk ’00 is an invaluable asset to Andover Golf due to his technical knowledge of the sport and his understanding of the student-athlete experience.

While at Andover, Faulk was twice awarded the Kazikas Award, given to the best player in stroke play throughout the season. After taking a break from golf when he went to Stanford University, he rejoined the Andover golf team as a coach in 2008.

Faulk enjoys coaching golf for the opportunity to spend time with kids and get to know them on a personal level. His coaching extends beyond the golf course as he devotes time to remain close with his team outside of golf season.

Faulk said, “When I played golf here, it was by far the most enjoyable time that I’ve had. Just being with the kids everyday is really great. They’re always every year a really great group. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with kids, mentoring them on the course through this sport I love at this school that I feel passionate about.”

Three-year member Alexa Tsay ’17 said, “What makes Coach Faulk such a great coach is a combination of how close he is with his players and how knowledgeable he is about the game. He’s a mentor to us not just on the course but in everything that we do. He’s always checking in with us to see how things are going.” Before matches, Faulk makes sure that his team is well prepared by providing tips on strategy and course management.

Co-Captain Peter Hahn ’16 said, “While he can’t follow all the groups and actively coach us for 18 holes, he sets us up for success before the round. He’ll share any course knowledge with us, remind us of match play strategy, and generally make sure we’re in a good frame of mind before hitting the first tee shot.” During matches, Faulk continues to support his players, and his close relationships with them help him provide encouragement.

Tsay said, “During matches, he’s so supportive of us whether we’re winning or losing, and because he’s such an experienced golfer himself he knows what we’re going through when we’re having tough days.”

During practices, Faulk focuses on the mental game and the smaller details of the sport while always motivating his team to perform its best.

Co-Captain Pranav Tadikonda ’16 said, “I’d say Coach Faulk’s best qualities are his knowledge of the game and his ability to get players to really want to play well for him. He teaches us a lot of things about course management and the short game, and he does a great job of teaching us the intricacies of the game and how to take risks while also staying under control. It’s no surprise that golfers who learn from Coach Faulk for a number of years tend to be calm, collected, and really good game managers.”