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Cycling Captain Feature: Meg Davis ’17

After suffering an injury in Indoor Track & Field her Junior year, Co-Captain Meg Davis ’17 decided to join Andover Cycling. Since then, Davis has shown incredible aptitude for the sport, placing third overall in the Class-C Championships as a Lower. She was elected Co-Captain following that season.

Currently an Upper, Davis looks to lead her team in having a fun and successful season. Davis’s talent not only makes her a role model for her teammates, but also an asset for the team.

Head Coach Thayer Zaeder ’83 said, “Meg is a good climber as she is light and efficient on the bike. She is also a good tactical rider. She pays close attention to what is unfolding in the race around her.”

Without much experience when she started cycling at Andover, Davis has worked extremely hard to become the strong cycler she is today.

“Over the past two years that we’ve been on the team together, I’ve seen her improve immensely as a cyclist and I’m so excited to see what she can do this year,” said Leah Adelman ’17.

In addition to her talent, Davis’s positive attitude and motivational abilities contribute to her presence as a great leader.

Jessica Wang ’18 said, “Every practice, Meg comes to the [course] with positive energy and enthusiasm. She cares a lot about her teammates, on and off the road. She looked out for the new riders and really helped them adjust to riding on the road. Meg works really hard and gives 100 percent each day, which inspires the rest of us to push ourselves harder.”

Gardner Wilson ’16 said, “Meg is charismatic and compassionate, and understands just how physically and mentally tough the sport can be. Through her ‘never say die’ attitude and good spirits, she sets the bar high on and off the road.”

Some of Davis’s favorite parts of cycling at Andover are the team experience and the bonds she has formed with her teammates.

Davis said, “The people who inspire me the most are my teammates. Whether it’s during practice or a race, the support the team offers each other is amazing. The team really does become a family.”

This season, Davis looks forward to racing in the Class A division, as opposed to the Class C which has a different level of competition. As Co-Captain, she aims to have a supportive and successful season, while having fun and helping the newcomers on the team to learn to love the sport.

“I have a couple of goals for this season. Personally, I would really like to push myself to do my best during this season, my first competing in Girls A. I want to really support the team, especially each of the new riders,” said Davis.

Davis serves as a determined role model for all her teammates and sets the tone for the team.

“Meg is not only a strong rider and a good athlete but she is an important part of what keeps the team dynamic positive and upbeat,” said Coach Zaeder.
Wilson said, “Meg leads the team through example. She is always mature and collected, able to relate to everyone on the team. On top of being an exceptional rider, she is great at understanding how to assist the returnees with their training, while still incorporating the new riders.”