Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

It was with great sadness that I read of the death of Henry Wilmer ’63, whom I knew as my West Quad North Cluster Dean. As a new Lower in the fall of 1987, this boy from the South Carolina Lowcountry arrived at Andover feeling nervous, lonely and scared. What a relief to be met by Mr. Wilmer with his faint Southern accent in front of Bishop that fateful September morning. It was he who wanted to be there to meet the “Lowcountry kid” as he called me. He absolutely made the transition for me to life at Andover. For the next three years, he smiled at me whenever our paths crossed. He was even kind to me during a minor disciplinary infraction. He personally wrote the letter of censure to my parents, and, he picked up the telephone to call them. He calmly assured my parents that I would probably not be sent packing any time soon and would be a good candidate for further matriculation and graduation. Although I never had him as a teacher, I count him as one of my favorite teachers at Andover. He taught me that even fish out of water may learn to swim. Godspeed, Sir. To paraphrase Henry Adams, he has affected my eternity.

Hamlin O’Kelley ’90