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Igloos Combat Over-Enrollment

Last year, Andover had an impressive 84 percent admissions yield rate. Many students are, un-surprisingly, concerned about where all of the new students are going to live. However, do not fret. The administration has come up with a revolutionary housing plan for new students: igloos. To show thanks to their school, Post-Graduates and first-year students, along with the help of Andover’s be-loved snow dragon, will help build these igloos.

The administration believes many good things will come out of this new housing plan. These new igloos are appealing to those students with an all-organic lifestyle, as they will be made purely out of H2O. The Chemistry Department is elated that students will finally have a real life application for the different phases of water, something students have been attempting to understand for years.

The physical proper-ties of igloos meet all the strict requirements for student housing at An-dover. As expected, the room temperature in the igloos is a little chilly, and the showers do not dispense hot water, but the administration believes these conditions will toughen up the students’ ability to adapt to different conditions. House Counselors also love the parietal situation in the igloos, because nothing will ever get too steamy, only icy-hot.

The Phillipian sat down with one of the first students living in an igloo, Iem Free-Zin. When asked about her new liv-ing situation she said, “It is a little abrasive to my fellow peers, but very welcoming to the wildlife. I have a new polar bear friend who keeps me company while I do my work. Also, I love how the walls are made of ice and snow, because when I asked my-self, ‘Do I wanna build a snowman?’, I am able to answer in the affirmative and take the snow and ice within my room to make myself a friend.”

When the spring comes, the igloo dorm situation will obviously not work out. Fortunately our administration came up with a solution: outdoor housing made out of grass and mud. The administration believes that this will make the school greener as the nature-loving students who wish to stay on the grass will be able to do so 24/7.