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Captain Feature: Camille Little ’16 & Andrew Wang ’16

Camille Little ’16
Despite having raced in only three meets so far this season, Captain Camille Little ’16 has accumulated an astonishing season total of 31.25 points for Andover Girls Indoor Track & Field, which is over 16 more points than the 15 necessary for a runner to qualify for varsity. With first-place accolades in sprinting events and the Long Jump, Little is an enormous asset to Andover’s team and a respected leader.

In addition to raw athleticism, Little possesses a relentless work ethic that she has cultivated throughout her time at Andover.

Head Coach Rebecca Hession said, “She has put in a ton of work — a ton of work in building her own athletic progress over the last four years slowly, steadily and consistently. Developing strength as an athlete takes time, and she’s done a really good job being patient with that.”

Little’s determination and discipline has certainly paid off; she holds the Girls Indoor Track record for her class in the 50-Yard Dash with a time of 6.52 seconds.

Krystiana Swain ’18, Little’s teammate, said, “As a freshman, I remember always seeing her stay after practice and see her putting in extra work with [former Head Coach] Lang. I admire her dedication to the sport and the team.”
Little is a leader by example and livens the sport both for herself and her teammates.

Coach Hession said, “She’s a leader in terms of her attitude. She has been a consistent contributor to the team all four years here. She’s someone that I think embraces what it means to be a member of our track community, and it affects the team in a really positive way.”

While on the track, Little contributes award-winning speed and dedication, but she also plays a huge role off the track. The team as a whole can rely on Little to be a caring member of the track community.

Teammate Josephina Caico ’19 said, “She’s always making personal connections to everyone on the team. She’s always making sure she knows you as an individual on the team. There’s 100 kids on the team, and she makes sure she knows each and every one of them.”

The combination of working hard after practices, delivering outstanding results during meets and establishing a positive and productive team spirit has made Little a model captain. Little has been a force on the track thus far, and the team is eager to see what she will produce in the later stages of the season.

Andrew Wang ’16

After only four years of track experience, Captain Andrew Wang ’16 has grown into one of Andover Indoor Track & Field’s top hurdlers and most influential leaders. Wang has driven his team to an undefeated record this season.
In the last home meet against Andover High and Wilbraham and Monson, Wang secured two first-place finishes in the 50-Yard Hurdles and the 4×440-Yard Relay.

Despite his current success, Wang was not always considered one of Andover’s top runners, as he competed on Junior Varsity at the beginning of his career.

Wang said, “When I started out on the track team my Junior year, I was one of the slowest members on the team, so I remember always getting filtered into the last heats of JV for my events. But I still treasure those moments because whenever I ran, even if I was in the last heat, I had my teammates screaming at my face, their spit covering me, and I don’t think that’s a feeling I would’ve gotten anywhere else.”

Wang possesses a tremendous work ethic. His determined mindset and love for the sport have propelled him to the top of Andover’s roster.

Head Coach Rebecca Hession said, “Andrew Wang is certainly someone that breathes and exudes track passion and team passion. He’s one of those kids who, in a sea of 130 [athletes], coaches notice, because they notice the focus that he brings, the excitement that he brings and the positive energy that he brings to practice every day.”

Wang leads by example with his ever-willing attitude, showing his teammates what is expected and inspiring them to perform at their highest level.

Noah Ward ’17 said, “[Wang] is always the first guy in the Cage and the last to leave. From his pre-game speeches to his presence on the track, he motivates all to work hard and be the best athletes we can be.”

Although over 100 athletes compete in Andover’s track program, Wang’s positive influence beyond the track has created a tight-knit community. Emphasising inclusivity, Wang makes each runner feel important to the team.

Ben Zhang ’17 said, “Perhaps his most important quality is his sincerity. He truly cares about the well-being of his teammates. He is a great listener and is always able to offer encouragement, advice and support.”

Girls Captain Camille Little ’16 said, “I feel so fortunate to work with someone as hardworking and passionate as [Wang]. We have grown to be great friends, and we work together to make the team the best it can be.”

Wang has achieved unity and team spirit in the Track & Field program and strives to uphold Andover’s current success.