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Andover Sweeps Middlesex

Prevailing in close and heated games of 11-6, 11-9 and 11-7, second seed Avery Westerfield ’18 recorded the only victory for Andover Girls Squash in its 6-1 loss to Groton on Friday. This defeat stimulated Andover’s motivation, propelling the team to a 7-0 sweep over Middlesex the next day. In the team’s last match of the week, Deerfield’s experienced team served Andover another loss by a 6-1 margin. These three matches brought Andover’s record to 5-5. In the absence of first seed Prianca Patel ’19, who was out sick, Zoe Oasis ’17 stepped up to fill in the spot of first seed for both matches against Groton and Middlesex. Against Groton, Oasis started off strongly, winning the first game 11-8. She then fell behind, losing her next three games 11-8, 11-7 and 11-4.

Against Groton, Oasis and Susan Yun ’17 both fell with scores of 3-1, while Jennifer Lee ’18, Caroline Yun ’18, Brita Luke ’19 and Sewon Park ’17 each lost to their opponents 3-0.

In the team’s match against Middlesex, every Andover player shut out her opponent 3-0.

Lee said, “Going into our Middlesex match, we were all determined to bounce back from our tough loss against Groton. We went in with a much stronger mindset, and we all focused on playing smart, clean squash. I was really proud of how we performed.”

Against Deerfield, Park was the only Andover player to overcome her opponent.

Park said, “My opponent was a strong player, and it was clear that she had much more experience than I did… I was able to kill one of her drop shots after a long point that made me win [the last set].”
Andover looks to make a comeback against Brooks this Friday.

Editor’s Note: Sewon Park is a Commentary Editor and Susan Yun is a News Editor for The Phillipian.