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Netflix Reflix

Things on your to-do list: Everything.

A red screen graces your computer. The promising seven letters glaze over your bloodshot eyeballs. The loading bar inches across your screen: 12%…. 69%…. The screen flashes black. Music begins to roar out of your MacBook speakers as a chill slithers up your spine. You have started a new series, and there is no going back.

A new trend known as “Netflix Reflix” has swept across Andover’s campus, affecting approximately 5 seasons of the student body.

In an effort to learn about the phenomenon, The Phillipian interviewed one of its followers, Meredith Grey ’18. Grey explained that once she finishes her classes and sits down at her desk to study, she involuntarily reaches for her laptop and turns on the latest episode of Gossip Girl.

Grey tells herself that she will only watch one episode before beginning her work, but Blake Lively’s luscious, golden locks enthrall her. One episode turns into an entire season.

“I can’t help it. It doesn’t even have to be “Gossip Girl”. “Scandal”, “Orange is the New Black”, “House Hunters” and “Barney & Friends” also top my list. I always end up in the same place, complaining the next morning about how I had so much homework that I had to stay awake until three, when I really was just enveloped in the glory of Olivia Pope,” cried Grey.

Students have been spotted watching Netflix during class with top-secret wireless ear buds, and even watching on their Google Glasses on the pathways and during sports games.