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AOTW: Andrei Dumitrescu ’18

As a newcomer to both the school and the team, Andrei Dumitrescu ’18 has quickly made a name for himself on Boys Varsity Soccer. Bringing 11 years of soccer experience to the team, Dumitrescu has had no trouble making an immediate impact, with six goals through nine games.

His ability to create his own offensive opportunities has proved to be a crucial part of Andover’s success in close contests.

Co-Captain Peder Bakken ’16 said, “[Dumitrescu’s] biggest strength on the field is his work-rate and nose for goal. He understands where the danger areas are, and he gets there. He has scored a lot of goals so far this season by being in the right place at the right time, but that is a very rare skill.”

Dumitrescu’s easy-going personality has allowed him to enter the team dynamic seamlessly. “[Dumitrescu]’s a great guy to have on the team, always has a smile on his face and is ready to work hard,” said Henry Meyerrose ’17.

Contrasting with his lighthearted personality off the field, Dumitrescu’s serious on-field demeanor and continued hard work have earned the respect of teammates and coaches alike. Head Coach Will Orben said, “[Dumitrescu]’s open mind and hard working approach have allowed for his success and significant improvement over the course of the season.”

Second on the team in scoring, Dumitrescu’s immediate impact on Andover’s 7-1-1 start has earned him the title as The Phillipian’s “Athlete of the Week.”

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you score a goal?
When I score a goal, I immediately think about running back to my half and celebrating with my team. To me, that feeling is euphoric. That moment when everyone around you screams your name and huddles around to celebrate, and knowing that you helped the team toward a win can never be replaced.
Describe a goal in particular that stands out to you.

A goal that stood out is my first goal [against] Tilton. We were locked in an even battle for the first 10 minutes, and I took a one touch shot. I thought it was going to end up missing high, but instead it shot straight down the middle into the goal. After that, our team lead several offensive attacks to ultimately give us the 4-0 victory.

What motivates you?
My drive to help the team win [is what motivates me]. I strive to succeed so that I can be there for my family. The thought of providing a spark for the team with each and every goal motivates me [constantly]. Day in and day out, I try to not only improve myself but also push my teammates so that we can all succeed as a team. The thought that I can make an impact no matter how small provides a fire inside me.

Do you have any favorite plays that have come into use this season?
I would say that the play that has been most effective for me is when I receive the ball on the sideline and I turn around the defender and play a ball down the line for a running forward, then I sprint into the box usually to receive a cross. This has gotten me [three] goals so far.

What do you hope to accomplish this year on the team?
This year I hope to help us make it to the playoffs, and create as many assists/goals as possible, especially during close games.

What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to our games against Exeter. [Exeter is] a good team, and I’ve heard that the crowd turnout is amazing; so I can’t wait for that.