Art Faculty Summer Projects Q&A: Elaine Crivelli, Instructor in Art


Q: Did you work on any personal projects over the summer?

A: “I started a new series of large drawings that incorporate photographs that I’ve taken. So the drawings are mixed media as they start with fragments of those photographs and build from there. They’re definitely in the experimental, exploratory stage, but it’s a direction that I like, so I’ll continue with it.”

Q: What is the focus of these mixed media pieces?

A: “When I was on sabbatical… in 2006, I started a series of light and shadow photographic compositions… I’m now taking those photographs, which I reprinted on rice paper last year in preparation for an exhibit but I never used, to base these drawings. I’m actually just starting with fragments of these shadow images and building it from there. And the drawing is, in a different way, replicating the shadow and light.”

Q: What actually inspired you to start this series?

A: “I wanted to do something other than photography. I’ve never really considered myself a photographer, even though for a long period of time I was using photography. Photography was something I actually started in 1989 when I moved from Philadelphia, P.A., to Savannah, G.A., to accept a position there, and I didn’t want to take a ton of sculpture materials with me, so I brought my camera. And Savannah is just such a photogenic city, so I became really fascinated, and I was discovering the city through my camera, and that just became fascinating to me. After that I went to London for three years. I just kept photographing, because there was so much to photograph. That’s what led to me working on series in the photographic media for ten or more years. So now I just want to explore something other than photography.”