Chloe’s Corner by Chloe Lee ’16

Let’s face it: we all need a little escape from the “Andover Bubble.” And what better way to take that mini-vacation than with Instagram? The mobile photo app has managed to take the fashion world by storm, with everyone from supermodels, magazine editors and clothing designers to casual fashion aficionados (guilty as charged) using the platform to create a personal library of stylish, 1×1 photos that express their personality and taste. Here are some of Instagram’s most stylish users! Xoxo, C.

@iamgalla – Run by Adam Gallagher, who is easily my favorite menswear blogger, this account is a go-to for everything from Outfits of the Day (OOTDs) to shots of food. Adam also travels a lot, and his pictures of local architecture and scenery are marvelous. Adam uses evening skylines and turquoise seas to turn his surroundings into the perfect accessory for the predominantly muted colors of his wardrobe. Other key accessories for Adam are a pair of classic black Aviator sunglasses and his head of perfectly coiffed hair – never a strand out of place. Guys, take note.

@kisforkani – An Australian law student, Connie Gao has a blog that covers everything from personal wellness and travel to beauty supplies and, of course, fashion. Throughout her photos, one thing is clear: Connie and colour are inextricable. Somehow, Connie’s clothes, accessories, food and surroundings always seem to be in the most vivid of hues. This is particularly evident in Connie’s flower posts. That’s right – Connie handmakes floral hair bands that are available to purchase on her Etsy shop, K is for Kani. Ready… set… press follow!

@alexcloset – A French blogger who travels between Montréal and Paris, Alexandra fills her Instagram account with photos of herself dressed in ripped denim and trendy sunglasses standing in front of landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Alexandra’s photos are luminous, with light bathing every acid wash jean, glimmering gold bracelet and Converse sneaker she wears. Alexandra also punctuates her OOTD posts with colorful brunch and dessert pics, so be prepared to feel a little food and closet envy.

@lookbook – Rather than being the personal account of one single fashionista, Lookbook posts pictures of well-dressed Instagram users from around the globe. I personally love that this account features a wide-range of people because the account never gets boring. One featured user might be rocking pink hair and white culottes, while another might be wearing a sophisticated black and white ensemble. The styles vary everyday and constantly leave me on my toes. I’m still waiting for the day I’ll be featured – now you can join the race with me by tagging @lookbook in your next OOTD photo for a chance to see your photo on this account.

@paperfashion – Looking for more than just daily outfit updates? If so, look no further than Katie Rodgers. By following Katie Rodgers’s account, you are guaranteed an extra artistic twist to your Instagram feed. As a fashion illustrator, Katie paints everything from chic, Parisian women to tall ballerinas in thick tutus. Katie mixes up this dainty aesthetic with videos of her painting process. The 15-second clips offer a glimpse into the techniques and supplies she uses for her whimsical creations (hint: thin brushes and lots of glittery gold paint).

Editor’s Note: In the February 19 issue of The Phillipian, the article “Chloe Lee ’17 Chronicles Her Closet on Fashion Blog” described Chloe Lee’s personal style blog and her love of fashion. Lee will now be bringing this passion to “Chloe’s Corner,” a weekly column on who’s who and what’s trending in fashion.