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Tim Bulens ’15: Natural-Born Leader Coming Into His Own

Captain Tim Bulens ’15 will lead Andover Boys Lacrosse this year as the team looks to improve on its 9-7 finish last season. That will be no small task, however, due to the loss of 11 Seniors from last year’s squad. But Bulens has faith that the team can find success against top-tier opponents this season.

“I am confident our new Post-Graduates as well as our new Juniors will learn quickly and adapt to the sets that we run. It will not be as easy as if we had five returning offensive players, but our new members bring a lot of experience and different perspectives to the field,” Bulens said. As one of the few four-year players on the team, Bulens brings valuable experience to a team mainly comprised of newcomers.

Upper Robert DeLaus ’16 said, “Since he’s been on the team since his Junior year, he helps bring all of the new guys together. He’s just a really nice, personable guy.”
Members of the team agree that Bulens is a natural leader.

Fellow Senior Arthur Gildehaus ’15 said, “He was already a leader on the team last year, so it was a very natural transition for him into captaincy. This year he just got the official title.He’s keeping the team together really well.”

Bulens’s work ethic inspires the team to give 100 percent during every practice.
DeLaus said, “He is the best possible Captain there is. He works harder than anyone else on the team, so he leads by example.”

During games, Bulens thrives in his role as a facilitator from midfield. Additionally, he is known for his timely, accurate shots.

Attacker Whit Findlay ’16 said, “He moves the ball pretty effectively and always makes smart choices on the field. He shoots when he should shoot and passes when he should pass; all of that makes him a really efficient player.”

Thanks to Bulens’s leadership and the new talent on the team, Andover has jumped out to a 2-1 start with two overtime victories.

Bulens praised the team’s ability to stay focused throughout close games.
Bulens said, “We have totally new personnel this year. The first two games have already shown that the guys are patient. I have no question that the guys are going to work hard until the end to put [the game] away.”

As Captain, Bulens does not expect the team to dominate every game or blow out every opponent. Instead, his goal is to inspire every member of the team to leave everything on the field.

Bulens said, “I want to be able to say that we put our best foot forward and that we fought hard for every game.”

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