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Steve Moreland: The Lacrosse Guru

Andover Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Stephen Moreland is entering his tenth year as part of the coaching staff at Andover and his fourth year as Head Coach. Moreland’s extensive lacrosse background has guided the team for more than a decade.
Moreland spent his high school and college years playing lacrosse at Andover and UMass Amherst, respectively. After playing post-college lacrosse in Australia for one year, Moreland began his coaching career.

After finding a long-term position at Andover, Moreland began the process of building the program into a New England powerhouse. This year’s squad represents arguably the most talented recruiting class to date, a testament to how far the program has come under Moreland’s leadership.

“I am really excited for this year. We have a terrific group of boys,” Moreland wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

Although there are many new faces on the team, Moreland is very optimistic that sheer talent will overcome the challenges of fielding a young team. “We are far more skilled this year than we have ever been,” he said.

Moreland commands the respect of all players on the team.

Captain Tim Bulens ’15 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “I have had a lot of coaches throughout my youth, but none come close to comparing with [Moreland].”
Moreland coaches lacrosse teams year round and operates his own lacrosse club in New England.

Whit Findlay ’16, team member, said, “He lives and breathes lacrosse so he knows everything about the game.”

The main challenge for the season is building a cohesive unit and “[getting] very good players to play as a team rather than a collection of individuals,” Moreland said.
Moreland is known for being honest with his players about how they need to improve.
Bulens said, “[Moreland’s] feedback is blunt in the best way possible. He tells you exactly what you need to do in order to elevate your game to the next level.”
Moreland is also concentrating on reining in the team’s expectation.

Moreland said, “We need to check our egos at the door and think more of our teammates than we do of ourselves.”

Moreland has led Boys Lacrosse to many successful seasons. This year’s team has thus far inspired nothing but optimism.

Under Moreland’s tutelage, every player leaves the field having learned invaluable lessons.

Bulens said, “Playing under Moreland has really been a privilege.”