The Eighth Page


The Sports section has a long history of writing about sports. Many sports take place on campus, in all three terms, most notably basketball, football, dodgeball, foosball and snowball. There are three new Sports editors, Peter, Victoria, and Isabella, who will continue the tradition of writing about sports. Everyone is excited to read the new articles about sports games, matches, rematches, events, tournaments, bonspiels and competitions every week. There are also a lot of sports writers, all of whom enjoy writing about sports. The Sports section also has a lot of pictures of people playing sports, which accompany the articles written by those who enjoy writing about sports. The Sports section is quite lengthy because there are always many articles about sports, and community involvement. A lot of people play sports and sports are very popular, so many athletes are often mentioned in the Sports section. It is great to get community involvement here in Sports, which is why there are a lot of quotes and statistics in Sports. Factuality is key, and this is one of the many life lessons that Sports teaches us each week. Sports is great at teaching people lessons. We can learn a lot about athletics in the articles written by Sports writers who enjoy writing about sports. The Sports section uses words like “win” and “lose” to describe sports, and additionally there is some great community involvement.