Here’s to 2015… What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

_Photos by Julia Beckwith, Leah Hamann, Liz Irvin, Emma Kaufmann-Laduc, __Lauren Luo, Jessie Schmitt, James Wolfe and Lucius Xuan_

**Rebecca Somer ’15**

To prioritize my own well-being.  Maybe I’ll start meditating.

**Wei Han Lim ’15**

To check off everything on my Andover Bucket List and have no regrets.

**Mr. Clyfe Beckwith**

To have a happier 2015.

**Rosie Poku ’17**

To read to the bottom of Mr.  Murphy’s emails.

**Tim Salvadore ’15**

To expand my vocabulary.

**Ian Jackson ’16**

To learn Japanese and to meet more people.

**Natalie Landaverde ’18**

To be nicer and more positive in the mornings.

**David Gutierrez ’15**

Enjoy time with my friends and to keep up the grind.

**Mr. Palfrey**

Be kind! 

**Sewon Park ’17**

To be more optimistic and productive.

**Whit Findlay ’16**

Stay warm.

**Reed Findlay ’18**

Stay warmer than my brother.

**Blake Campbell ’18**

To stop believing that my potential is limited. To stop aspiring and start being inspired.

**Bianca Bowman ’15**

To ask one of the OPP guys to drive me in their golf cart.

**Mr. Murphy**

More water; less caffeine

More laughter; less worry

More impact; less clutter