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Field Hockey: Evagelia Toffoloni ’15

After four years playing for Andover Field Hockey, Captain Eva Toffoloni ’15 left the field after a crushing win over Exeter with an unscathed perfect season, having shattered not only Andover’s single-season scoring record, but also the career scoring record.

During her final season at Andover, Toffoloni racked up a whopping 23 goals. Over the course of her four-year Andover career, she scored 49 goals.

“Her stick skills are amazing. She’s able to bring her defender one way and cut the ball back, run swiftly around the defender and cut her off,” said Beth Krikorian ’17. “She uses her vision to dish the ball off to our players on the post, too.”

Toffoloni was the go-to option of the team’s attack this season. With a quality shot and stick skills that can break ankles, she is a threat whenever she touches the ball.

“[Toffoloni] always worked super hard getting herself in the right positions,” said Lexi Davidson ’17. “It paid off with her breaking the record, and she deserves every single goal.”

“[Toffoloni’s] stick skillss are next-level,” said Kelly McCarthy ’16. “She can move the ball through tight spaces, which makes her a huge threat in the circle.”

Just 12 games into the season, Toffoloni broke the single-season scoring record, which has stood since 1990.

“[Toffoloni] sees the field like nobody else. She gets into this certain mode, and she becomes unstoppable. It’s what separates her as an athlete and gives her an edge over the average player,” said Anna Fucillo ’15.

Toffoloni’s work ethic and leadership have made a world of difference for her teammates.

Lila Dolan ’15 said, “[Toffoloni] is incredible in every sense of the word. When I think of [Toffoloni], I think of her relentlessness and her constant composure. She embodies [Andover Field Hockey’s] motto of ‘Don’t Settle.’ She is willing to do anything and everything for the good of the team, both on and off the field. She always encourages others to play their best, and she genuinely cares that each and every girl knows how important [she] is to the team.”

“There could not have been a better person to lead [Andover Field Hockey] than [Toffoloni]. We would not have [been] nearly as good as we were this year without her because of her skill and ability to score, but more importantly because of her love and dedication that she brought to the team day in and day out,” Dolan continued.

Toffoloni has remained humble and focused on the field during the season. She puts the success of her team above individual accomplishment.

“For me, breaking the records was a culmination of my passion for the sport, my hard work on the field and my love for all my teammates,” said Toffoloni.

“I am proud to be in the record books, because Andover and field hockey mean so much to me. Being able to be a part of this school and this team is something that I will cherish forever. I give my all in everything that I do and love. I fell in love with this sport my [Junior] year at Andover and have just worked my hardest every time I step onto the field,” she added.

Along with her two sisters, Toffoloni will continue her experience playing for Andover to Yale University next fall.