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Intramural Soccer All-Stars 2013-2014: The Best of the Mediocre

Daniel Feeny ’15
Daniel Feeny ’15 has been compared to Lionel Messi, mostly by himself. His blonde mane lit the way for the Jamboys as the team played to a resounding one-victory campaign. His superior speed allowed him to push the ball up the field faster than the defense could react. Conversely, his speed did not allow him to dribble the ball with even a tiny semblance of control. Nicknamed “Footloose” by President Obama, Feeny led the Jamboys to a hilarious and disjointed season.

Bianca Navarro Bowman ’15
Using the element of surprise, Bianca Navarro Bowman ’15 found herself on the scoring end of several clutch goals over the course of the season. Bowman brought soccer expertise from her Andover Girls JV Soccer days. In an email to The Phillipian she wrote, “My best skill was only scoring when nobody expected it and always being open without anyone realizing that I was open. One of the defining moments of the season was when I tripped, and it became a chip shot right over the goalie (don’t tell my teammates it was an accident though). The highlight of the season was definitely Team Messy winning the championship.”

Jason Jin ’15
Jason Jin ’15 made a habit of looking defenders look silly this season, consistently nut-megging and juking his way to his team’s scoring title. Jin’s team fell short in the semi-finals, but he was integral in several of the Bardogs’ impressive victories. As the glue of his team, he and the rest of the Bardogs improved tremendously, going from preseason cellar dwellers to one of the best teams by the end of the season.

Andrew Zheng ’15
Andrew Zheng ’15 of the Oscar Maier Weiners prides himself on his individual offensive prowess. He considers his best skill to be “not passing.” Although his teammates did not often receive the ball from him, they appreciated the utter dominance that he displayed on the field. A common sight was Zheng dribbling in circles in the corner of the field. The unorthodox tactics bamboozled opposing defenses. His remarkable efforts led to three victories in at least 15 games and an early exit from the playoffs.

Seho Young ’15
As a musical prodigy off of the field, Seho Young ’15 brought rhythm to The Blunt Instruments. His melodious style of play led to a crescendo in goals and a decrescendo in opponent morale. As a Co-Captain of his team, Young orchestrated the equivalent of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on the soccer field. His performance reached unparalleled heights towards the end of the season.

Foster Conklin ’16
Edward Foster Conklin ’16 was the heart and spirit of The Bardogs. He utilized his athleticism and strength to ignore the technical aspects of fútbol. He chose to barrel over, under and through defenses in order to crush the opposition’s morale. Often, he sprinted ahead of the ball to knock opposing players out of the way. Dubbed “the wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus, Conklin fulfilled a truly unique roll for the Bardogs.

Jenny Huang ’16
As a purely defensive player, Jenny Huang ’16 bolstered a stellar back-line for the offensively challenged but defensively stout Jamboys. Huang used her stunning alacrity to zig-zag between players and seize possession of the ball. She provided a strong safety net for struggling Jamboys goalie Pranav Tadikonda ’16. In an email to The Phillipian, Huang wrote, “To be honest, I chose to do [Intramural Soccer] for the low time commitment, but I ended up really enjoying it!” Not only did Huang have fun, but she also performed well enough to earn all-star honors.

Erik Wurman ’15
Erik Wurman ’15, Andover Boys Hockey goalie, utilized his untapped offensive potential on the soccer fields every day as Team Bold Spice’s Most Valuable Player. Wurman’s athleticism made him a difficult draw for any defender — he often battled head-to-head with the opposing team’s best and most experienced player. Wurman credits the chemistry among Team Bold Spice as the reason for his success. “We had a great dynamic between all our players, with some very funny moments when we scored (and got scored on),” wrote Wurman in an email to The Phillipian.

Championship Game
Team Messy 3 – Super Mario Strikers 2

All-Stars were chosen by The Phillipian Sports Editors, except Team Oscar Maier Wieners, whose captains voted on their all-star. Team Super Mario Strikers could not be reached.