Halloween Highlights:

Photos by Emma Kaufmann-Laduc

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Dressed in matching white dresses splattered with fake blood, Rosa Morona ’16 and Carlotta Onnis ’15 held hands while saying, “Come play with us,” acting as the twins from the horror movie “The Shining.” “In Italy, people usually wear really scary outfits, and when I first arrived at the dance, I felt as if I was not dressed up properly,” said Morona. A chef at Paresky Commons gave Morona a mixture of caramel and red food coloring for the blood. “The blood was made without spending a single penny,” added Morona.

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In a bright yellow and blue ensemble, Rosie Poku ’17 shined at the dance as a minion from the 2010 cartoon movie “Despicable Me.” “I bought the costume back in seventh or eighth grade with my allowance. I wanted it for a spirit week at my middle school, and my mom thought it was too ridiculous for her to buy for me. So, being the mature and responsible preteen I thought I was, I bought the costume for myself. I’ve had it ever since,” said Poku.


Dustin Goldberg ’16 and Jack Quamme ’16 arrived to the dance with shades and inflatable proton packs to fulfill their dreams of being Ghostbusters. “[I] wanted to be [a] Ghostbuster because I have always admired those brave souls risking their lives day in and day out, battling the supernatural and giving us all peace of mind,” said Quamme. “I’ve dreamed of busting ghosts like Bill Murray since I saw the movie ‘Ghostbusters,’” Goldberg added. “Also, I plan on wearing my costume on various occasions in the future, so look out.”


Dancing around the room in a conga line, Rob Irvin ’15, Jack MacWilliams ’15, Addison Davenport ’15, Marc Sevastopoulo ’15, Ben Hawley ’15, Tim Bulens ’15 and Oliver Chernyk ’15 immediately attracted attention when they entered Borden Gym dressed in full-body cow suits. “My friends and I have long believed that cows are perpetually under-appreciated,” said Chernyk. “Cows, in so many ways, facilitate the food chain. We felt like we had to raise awareness for these incredible animals, because nobody else does. We wanted to show everyone that cows are beautiful. Everyone wanted to dance with us. Some of my friends felt as though they should dress up as cows more often, because without the costume they rarely generate such excitement.” “Mooooo,” wrote Bulens in an email to The Phillipian.

Kelly McCarthy ’16, Vienna Kuhn ’16, Sloane Sambuco ’16, Julianne Xenakis ’16 and Isabella Haegg ’16 dressed in extra large white shirts, white hats and headbands, orange rubber dish gloves, orange tights and white feather boas to complete their chicken costume. “Our inspiration for dressing up as chickens came from [Sambuco’s] little brother, Jay. He dressed as a chicken for a dog show in Long Island about six years ago. We knew that if we looked half as good as Jay our Halloween costumes would be a success!” said McCarthy. “The fun in Halloween was coming up with an idea of what I wanted to dress up as and… making the costume myself. Being able to make costumes with my friends at boarding school was honestly so fun and a great way to distract myself from the stress of Andover,” said Xenakis.

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With a bright orange top hat on his head and a hockey stick as a cane, Colin Lata ’17 dressed as Jim Carey in his orange tuxedo from the movie “Dumb and Dumber.” “My friend Luke Bitler was Jeff Daniels with the blue tuxedo,” said Lata. “We decided to dress up like this because my friend and I thought it would be funny, plus it’s a very recognizable costume and pretty original… they were pretty expensive costumes but totally worth it.”


With their hair wrapped around their chins like beards, Lane Unsworth ’15 and Rani Iyer ’15 dressed as Botched Fresco Jesus. The pair dressed in long black cloaks, wore face paint and carried scrolls in imitation of “Ecce Homo,” the Spanish fresco that was clumsily restored by an amateur artist in 2012. “We were inspired after watching some old [Saturday Night Live] episodes which made lots of jokes about Botched Fresco Jesus… and realizing that our hair was long and messy enough to turn into a beard with some bobby pins,” said Iyer.

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Makenna Marshall ’18 attended the dance as a zombie Marie Antoinette. “I bought the dress and the wig was from a friend at home who is into period stuff…. I’ve been doing prosthetic makeup for a year or two, so the makeup I did only took about 20 minutes give or take. At home I’m super into Halloween, and it was something I thought I’d miss being here… I’m glad it worked out!” said Marshall.


Making multiple appearances on the costume runway, Alex Dziadosz ’16 attracted attention dressed as the less well-known Purple Laser Bird from the Angry Birds collection. “[I] had my dad get it for me at the Spirits Halloween store down the street from campus,” said Dziadosz. “[The best part was] being able to dance like a complete maniac and making crazy bird noises without being judged. I [enjoyed] the attention, [but I] got a little sweaty in there because I stuffed the costumes with pillows.”